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Feel like I wasted time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by w33dw0rm, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking bud for about 4 years now and in the last 4 or 5 months almost every day. I don't know why but recently I haven't been able to really enjoy my highs, I feel like I get caught up in things and before I know it I'm not high anymore and I feel like I wasted a whole lotta time. I'm pretty sure I can over come this but its been killing me lately.
  2. Two blow jobs a day makes you appreciate them less too!
    Try some moderation dude.
  3. I actually never looked at it that way! but fuck im so used to smoking everyday
  4. there are a few solutions to this that ive found work for me, a few of which i am using now.
    1. smoke more
    Just smoke more. my body gets used to me smoking the same amount so if i smoke a few more hits i find it brings the life back to my highs.

    2. switch up how you smoke
    if you usually smoke joints hit a pipe or a bong or visa versa

    3. switch up your strains
    alot of tokers, including myself have found that we build a tolerane to a certain strains effects.

    4. Moderation
    not saying stop all together, regulate it a little tho.

    5. Tolerance break
    saved this one for last plainly bc they suck. sometimes we just need a break whether it be a couple days or a couple weeks.

    same things been happening to me recently but i am in no condition to be taking a t break anytime soon to straighten that out.
  5. yea switch they way u smoke , if u usually smoke Ls or Js smoke out a pipe bong or vape . itll get the job done better. and find something to do b4 u smoke so u dont jus chill n dont wana do anything once u get stoned
  6. I feel the same way sometimes, I'd say try different strains and different ways of smoking it. Even different ways of rolling it. Depends how you do it as well. Try to find the fun in preparing and rolling again as well, make braided joints, or crossjoints, play smoking games, etc.
  7. ah i think them blowjobs is the way to go try getting one of those before you smoke or shit after too ...

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