Feel like a loser..

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  1. I'm 19. In grade 13 (Victory lap of highschool). Friday's and Saturday's I'm ALWAYS staying in. It's not like I have no friends - everyone my age at school, in my classes, etc knows my name, and I can talk to any of them just fine. Ontop of that I've got an amazing girlfriend whome I've been dating for 2 years in a week now..

    It's just, I've never had any close guy friends. I've never really partied, or done anything fun like that before. I'm hoping this changes in college..
  2. lol it will change in college

    trust me
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    this too shall pass

    i went to summer school every year of high school, and i didn't party much til i was out of there anyway. now 6 years later i am partied the fuck out man.
  4. Oh everything will change when you go to college. You'll break up with your girlfriend too, eventually.
  5. partying is really over rated imo. you get drunk to talk about bullshit with people you have nothing in common with.
  6. 19..
    You're young.
    Try to make the most of it while you're young.
    Don't be depressed.
    I would give anything to be 19 again.
  7. why dont you hang out with your girlie and (bone) her

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