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Feel bad about my old dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MiramoDank, Jan 26, 2014.

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    So I've been buying from this dealer for about 2 months now, spending around $100 every week. He is legit and very friendly...weighs it out and everything. Dude lives a 2 minute drive away from me and always has that dankity dank and his prices are:
    1.0 g - $20
    2.0 g- $35
    3.5 g (eight) - $50
    7.0 g (quarter) - $100
    I hit him up yesterday to buy a quarter and he happened to not be available(first time) to sell it that day. Me and a bud were planning to match up later that day(had to get some bud). So I hit a friend up and he connects me with his dealer and he sells the quarter of dank for $85 and he delivers. We do a 3 way call with my friend and his dealer so my bud can vouch for me. Come to find out he only lives 3 miles away from me and he throws the hook if you drive to his house and pick it up and pinches if he has to deliver. I drove there and hes a pretty chill guy as well... He gave me 7.3 g for $85.
    Now my old dealer just texted me saying hes free now. Now the thing is he knows I've only been buying weed from him(only) the past 2 months consistently.  Should I just go cold turkey on dude and start copping from this new guy? I don't wanna just say "hey man I found a new guy who throws the quarter for $85..I'm not gonna buy from you anymore if ya cant match that."

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    Not to be rude or try to break relationships but honestly unless you have a very friendly and personal relationship with your dealer as soon as he becomes unavailable and you find another dealer who is pushing more and has better price and still top shelf strains than i would suggest contributing to that dealer.
  3. new guy till he burns you or is out of stock.
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  4. If he's a dealer and not a friend, then it's just business.
    It's not like you have to tell off your old dealer. Just say you're not grabbing the next time he calls. I doubt he'll keep pestering you unless you call him for some stuff on a regular basis again.
  5. Money is money, business is business. This dude can negotiate or lose business. Buy a g and tell him what you found and see if he offers a price match guarantee
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  6. Go to the new guy, it's just business. If the other guy is wondering why you stopped picking up from him, ask if he can match that price, if not then it's nothing personal but don't buy from him. If he really doesn't want to lose you as a customer he will give you better deals.
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  7. awww shhhhyyyt maynne
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  8. I wouldnt tell your dude you found some cheaper cause then if you do end up wanting some from him he might be a bitch and cut you off...Im just vague and say im good
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  9. just say ya had a huge expense come out of nowhere, keep in contact with both dealers tell them you cutting down on the smoke a bit and alternate weekly between them
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  10. ah the new guy is cheaper, fuck that other dealer man
  11. Hes a dealer, just tell him your good for now and leave it at that. If he ask why your not buying, tell him you found it for $80/quarter and picked some up while you had the chance.
  12. I'd buy from the new guy 2 weeks then the old guy 1 week and so on until you know new guy is legit and always has the goods.
  13. I don't burn bridges with dealers...You never know when one person might stop selling so it is always good to have a couple back ups.
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  14. Im going to go against the tide here and suggest that you stick to the original dealer. Better relationship = more trust = better deals = priority customer. Or you could keep in contact with him and alternate between the dealers. It will save you money in the long run, assuming the original guy is pretty dope. Just don't burn your bridges
  15. Jus tell em yu "got the Dro for the Low, cant spend all my Cash on Yo stash nomo"

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  16. Perfection my G

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  17. Just tell him you're straight, and don't need it. Keep his number...knock him down to second string, and call him if the new guy doesn't answer. IT's really simple. People be afraid of weed dealers, like they the police or something. 
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    Shit, I'd get my weed off the cops if I could. You know they got the best shit there is.
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    They probably bust your head on the price though. Because they know they can. 
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  20. I'd show up with some boot polish and a box of krispy kremes

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