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  1. Ok I have first got to praise skunk planet for the seeds I got at a blistering pace-4 days is all it took from ireland to georgia wow thanks guys.
    Ok to start off my thread I have been searching and buying books on hydro and can't get a solid answer on feeding times.
    This will be my first grow in hydro I have a rubber-maid set-up and I am using general hydro nutes,and I know for the first 2 weeks it will just be water but how long will I need to "water/fert" them and how often plz anybody with any experiance help!
  2. Is this the state of georgia located in southern portion of the US ? 4 DAYS is amazing, I wouldn't expect that to be common.
  3. Yep 4 day to the US but is their anybody who can help me out
  4. what do you mean, how long.... You must keep the ph and water level ideal continuosly and the PPM. If by, how often do i change the water, you meaN, its every 2 weeks mate
  5. How often and how long do you feed the plant with the sprayers
  6. there are many different kinds of hydro, which is yours.

    If by aero hydro, you mean, 100% of the time should the little misters be on.

    All day every day mate, even night
  7. Yeah they spay from the bottom of the plant so what ur saying is to leave it on 24/7
  8. yea, the only method i can this of that is not 24/7 is the ebb and flow flooding the plants, but for the misters its 24/7, gl and make sure u give us some pics once a while!
  9. I will for sure boss this will be my first hydro set up but I hope they do great I got 3 diff strains bubble gum,calli orange bud, and blueberry

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