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  1. Just started playing around with coco after being organic for the last few years, but there's sooooo much conflicting information about watering/feeding. I'm getting people telling me to handle it like soil(i know thats wrong) some tell me to water once a day on a water, water, feed schedule, and I have another guy telling me to feed every day. I can only water/feed once a day by hand right now, but eventually I'll rig up an automatic system with a res if I like what i produce. So what would be best for a hand water setup in coco? I'm using Dakine nutrients btw.
  2. Welcome to the party!

    Never water, its always feeding time with coco. Its hydroponics.

    I feed daily from sprout, twice daily in early flower, 3 times a day in late flower.

    2 gallon airpots, 60/40 cocoperlite mix

    Check out Cannabis Grow Guide - Coco For Cannabis - Science and Practice for great info on growing in cocoperlite.

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  3. Feed eveylry watering. Water as often as possible.

    Here are old pictures of when I dipped my foot into Coco but it was too much of a hassle mixing nutrients all the time

  4. mix bigger batches. most guys only mix weekly nute batches
  5. Start out in solo cups water to run off every feeding 50/50 mix coco perlite that’ll give roots chance to grow fast when ya transplant 3 weeks down the road do a 30/70 coco perlite mix. Seedlings feed 200-250 ppm and work ur way up as plant grows.
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  6. This was years ago. I kept rocking rdwc instead where I can add back nutrients directly to a reservoir. Since then I've moved on to organic peat based potting mixes where I just water everyday and topdress once a month
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  7. Awesome, thx everyone. I've grown a LOT of bud in my life but hand feeding coco every day just seemed wrong lol. Glad to know I'm not gonna nuke my kids.
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  8. keep an eye on your ph. don't let it out of the 5.5 - 6.5 range

    best to allow ph to swing to allow better uptake of nutrients.

    take a look at the chart


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  9. Build a automated system to feed on a timer next go around saves ya 20-30 min a day feeding.

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