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  1. I am growing in the only decent medium I could find. It Is burpee 80% coco 10% turkey compost n 10% perlite. I am feeding with h&g coco a&b and calmag. They are currently in 7 gal smart pots i recently found out I should have used smaller ones. I have noticed 2 with leaves that look chewed but am indoors and know there is no chance of bugs at wk 4 they are very bushy n about 10" tall. I recently flushed them all but am not sure now about how often to water n feed. Cuz they are in such big pots should I still feed daily or let them dry some. Any advice would be appreciated . I have 6 plants in a 2x4x6' tent with a 600w mh light temps are at around 75-80 20170414_133144.jpg 20170414_133139.jpg 20170414_133134.jpg 20170414_133126.jpg 20170414_133109.jpg 20170414_133057.jpg
  2. They look relatively healthy to be honest but a tad over watered. Try let the medium dry out completely before adding more feeds.. 3-5 day feeds are sufficient if doing big feeds or daily feeds of a litre or so would suffice.. if u see inter-venal yellowing then it would suggest the light is bleaching her and causing the curl.. try and spread out the taller nodes and open the canopies and don't neglect to use Cal-mag and sea weed extract every week.. will ensure safer roots and better development.

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  3. Ty mrmjuana if u mean feed every 3 days that makes sense cuz they are holding water. But I have also read u should feed n water daily cuz coco is alot like hydro so I'm confused n wondering if I could be getting more growth out of them
  4. It's not a lot like hydro - it is hydro. Daily feedings should only be started when the root zone is established in the pot that it's in. Don't ever let coco dry out. Based on the size of your plants and the size of the pots, I would feed every 2-3 days, and increase as the plant grows. My plants in flower will drink over a gallon a day, and I feed twice a day.
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  5. Well said. I started thinking more of it as hydro and started "wettings" twice a week with a heavy watering on the weekends. Saves me time and plants love it. Balancing feed ratios to transpiration rate can be tricky, but so worth working on being good at!

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