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  1. Critical Mass clones in coco... cloning went not as expected. Not much of the plant healthy left by the time they rooted. 15 days plus... not like I remember cloning with other strains (10 days max etc.) but it has been 10 years since I had my growing mojo working and I am just starting again.

    I made the mistake of feeding them a decent amount of food too soon I believe right when they rooted. This stunted growth and burned up the leaves I think.

    So last friday day I gave em a good flush with Ph'd water. at least 10 percent run off.

    After that they started to perk right up and grow again. New growth looks pretty good but I am still seeing some blotchy yellow spots etc. But they are growing new growth daily.

    Do you think I should try and feed em a little bit again or hold on a few more days? Im using Botanicare Pure Grow. and super thrive. I used to (back 10 years ago) use epsom salt every time I watered like a small amount but this time they guy at the grow shop told me to not waste my time because its in our drinking water in the city.

    besides that I haven't done anything else.

    what do ya'lll think?

    thanks kindly in advance.

    the big one is obiously the mother


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  2. Any ideas?....

  3. honestly if it was me, id flush em good one more time and check the growth outta the next leaf set, cos you mentioned the yellowing but after the flushin then id say there ready to feed again if the new foaliage is back to lookin green and nice, what strength are you using? surely not full strength?
  4. The new growth looks green and good. Im at like 1/4 strength. I did it last night they seem ok so far. still perky but lets see after a few days.

  5. good man good, give em a few and then see, ill be popin in to see whats crackin.
  6. Heres update pics

    they seem to be picking up with growth. Which is good. they still have very purple veins running up stem through to leafs. But then again so does the mother and almost every plant I have ever grown. But this is more extreme.

    New growth don't show signs of purple veins though. So thats good. On some plants leafs are greener than others. And I still think there is a Def going on. As some leafs still seem pretty pale. And some growth is almost twisted like. But either way they are still starting to pick up again. so good stuff.:D

    Thanks in advance

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  7. flush then feed with complete NPK feeding, the purple will never go away nor will damaged leaves change back, there done...I had recently stressed some ladies and all i did was flush w/NPK mix, raise lights then watered for a few days no nutes just Ph'ed water after a week or better yet they where done being sensitive, women! new growth started back up and now they are doing fine..
    I could have just said let them grow they'll be fine! good luck
  8. Thanks hommie.....

  9. yeah if you keep your ph under complete control the rest seems to follow, just make sure all input is the same as or equalizes your soil back to where you need it to be.

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