Feds steal giant tuna from fisherman, Keep money as "asset forfiture"

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Listen to this shit, guy catches a giant tuna in a net by accident, Feds steal it because its illegal to catch a blue fin tuna in a net even though he had a tuna permit and it was an accident while they were fishing for smaller fish. Feds sell the tuna and keep the money as an asset forfiture.

    They pissed directly on this mans head and didnt even try to play it off as rain! Our Government are straight gangsters.

    Man catches 881-pound tuna, seized by feds | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  2. A tuna of that size can be worth like $300,000 I read... He hot jacked! Rules are rules..
  3. [quote name='"NasaJoe"']A tuna of that size can be worth like $300,000 I read... He hot jacked! Rules are rules..[/quote]

    The video said that fish sold for 5000. The rules should be open to interpretation and common sence. This is a complete load. Why should the govt profit of an honest mistake when its obvious he didn't catch it on purpose. Let the guy keep his fish.

  4. Slippery slopes are slippery, especially when money is involved.. If the law says no catching tuna in a net, that means no catching tuna in net, even if its a abnormally large tuna.. If you're upset about that contact your local representative..
  5. This really a hard concept to grasp? The feds seized the fish because he caught it in a manner that didn't abide by the law. It's not like he got a ticket.
    What were you expecting? "Oh nice fish, fisherman. Even though you caught it by a means that the United States finds illegal, we'll let you keep it cause it was an accident. And it's a nice fish".
  6. So, wait...
    He wasn't supposed to catch it... so the feds seized it.
    Did they put it back in the water?
  7. He broke the law. Shit sucks yo.
  8. what a gorgeous fish, and what a shame it's been plucked from its habitat.
  9. Ugh I hate tuna

  10. yeah its a shame. I grew up in south florida all I heard was "fish going extinct" , "too much fishing", "fish disappearing" , "This spot is overfished"

    I mean, its sad.. and to see people go out and STILL go catch MARLINS and Swordfish.......such a shame..they will be gone in a blink of an eye..mark my words .....

    japan is overfishing off of coasts all around the world......these dirty ass japanese fishing industries build these MONOLITHIC, I mean LITERALLY FACTORIES ON TOP OF WATER... and catch these fish..with nets..by the hundreds of thousands and process them and freeze them all on the boat...

    they go to third world countries and offer support and aid, build "fishing camps" that dont ever get used and go to waste, and run off the daily fisherman actually FISHING to get FOOD for his family.........so many people have been devastated by the japanese and international fishing corporations because their coastlines have been overfished.. they just subsidize the country they're fishing off of and go to the next one. once they have finished..

    the japanese are stockpiling tuna..........they have already predicted when tuna will go extinct or be of RARITY.....GUESS who is going to BANK off of these tuna sitting in the warehouses right now frozen ......the japanese will..they'll be selling a rare fish, that doesn't exist anymore, because they overfished it

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