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  1. When do you think it'll happen? I'd give it about twenty years
  2. That is a bit pessimistic. I give it 8-12 at most. With the states that have decriminalized/ made medicinal marijuana legal, and the many other bills waiting to be passed in state legislatures, states are going to over rule federal laws. Once states realize that legalizing will not only save money in the budget, but earn a load of tax dollars, a larger effort will be made toward legalization.
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  3. I don't like to guess but I hope to live to see it!
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  4. Not sure it ever will. I think eventually a state will and then we'll see if the feds are going to do anything about it.
  5. 5-10. unless they delegate it to the states, which would be fine but full US legalization and de-crim. would prolly take 25
  6. Well I am watching Seattle's new Ordinance to see just how much money is brought in.

    The businesses are license and taxed now within Seattle or will be here soon as the city is allowing all clubs to run so long as they pay of course.

    I think if we start to see just how much the regulation of cannabis can financially impact this nation and individual cities the more support will be garnered. JMO of course.
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    You guys lack the span of years that I have- I'm 64. I remember when 2 "roaches" could get you 20 years in CALIFORNIA! :eek: (Timothy Leary 1968)

    You know California, where MMJ is ridiculously easy to get and simple possession is just a $100 fine -like a parking ticket? :smoking:

    We have made SO much progress on these last 40-odd years! Now if all of you would stop playing with your Wiis and become activists, we might get this done in the next couple of years! Once a couple of states legalize, the government will either have to legalize it, or start a new Civil War!

    Colorado Looks At Legalizing Marijuana in 2012 | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    Massachusetts Voters Ready To Legalize Marijuana In 2012 | Drugs | AlterNet

    Another marijuana legalization vote in 2012? Some Prop. 19 backers already planning on it. A good idea? - latimes.com

    Washington, Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Filed | StoptheDrugWar.org

    So we got Massachusetts, Colorado, Oregon, California and Washington (so far) trying to get legalization on the 2012! :wave: Five states- what are the odds of ALL of them failing? ;) I think legalization is just around the corner. :yay:

    How about educating a few of your relatives. Stamps are cheap, and the post office does not require return addresses! :rolleyes: Click that first link in my sig and take a look- I likely have what you need to change their minds! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
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  8. I'd like to personally thank all the activists who helped legalize marijuana medicinally in California, I love you.
  9. When the school year starts next month at UCLA, I'm going to be constantly passing out flyers on the main campus with fellow activists for students to get out there and register to vote this year. It's literally the easiest thing to do and I have not met many people in my classes who do not like to medicate :)
  10. you guys enjoy that, im still busting my ass in a non mmj state where its still harsh as shit and looked down upon with much disgust by the majority of people here.

    theres still a huge crack in the country. LOTS of ground to still be covered.
  11. Non-mmj state reporting in as well. Some of the older hicks of Virginia where I live still believe weed to be a hard drug worthy of strict punishment. It is not openly accepted into the culture at all.
  12. I do enjoy it, Kiefsweat! :smoking:

    But, I also work every day for the folks like you, stuck in non-MMJ states! It isn't fair or right that you have to suffer, and sneak around to get your medicine! That you risk jail to ease your pain! So.............

    :gc_rocks: I, Granny Storm Crow, publicly challenge every GrassCity Blade and Bladie, to do ONE thing a day to get cannabis legal!

    Write a politician, correct a relative's misconception about cannabis, reply to a news article, write a letter to the editor, send your doctor some studies, register to vote, and above all - EDUCATE YOURSELF! :yay:

    You want to see what ONE, stoned little old lady can do? :smoking: Run a search for "Granny Storm Crow" and see what you get!

    There are over 400,000 blades at GC - WE ARE A POWER! Accept my challenge! Let's change the world! :hello:

    Granny :wave:
  13. I would say we are at least 10 years out on federal legalization. Deep down I feel I won't live to see it, and I'm in my mid 20's. Just too many special interests involved in keeping the issue down...Hope I'm wrong!
  14. Support Ron Paul in 2012, who would leave it up to the states. Someone correct me if Im wrong, but I believe the end of alcohol prohibition was a gradual state by state process as well. Much, much bigger chance of states doing it and the dominoes falling then the fuckwads in Washington making the decision.
  15. If you want legalization, don't vote for ron Paul vote for Gary Johnson. Ron Paul is a little extreme ( from what I know he wants to legalize much harder drugs too) which I think should be kept away from people ( crack/ heroin...etc.), and I think that will cause him to lose in 2012.

    Even though I do support being able to do what you want in this so Called " land of the free", I believe the american people as a whole are a little too immature to be able to handle an influx of legal dangerous highs. How would you like to go out for a walk only to see some guy shooting up a needle on his porch, I would much rather see a regular guy lighting up a spliff. And with weed legal, drug addicts would have something to ween off with if they were trying to stop smoking rocks without going to rehab.

    Do some research on Ron Paul he seems like a more logical guy, while still trying his best to cater to the needs of his people.
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    you retarded bro? first off, he wants a lot of federal funding and federal programs to stop going after your average drug user, patients, the dispensaries, etc because he wants to stop all the spending and stop fueling the drug war!! he wants to end the drug war! because it failed!!!

    if anything he wants to really focus on looking at drugs as a health issue, not a criminal issue. keep in mind, how everything works now...drugs=crime....imagine a world where drugs=health problem...then, im gonna stray off here... work towards universal health care, not this obamacare shit....

    very simply we would have to tax the 2.8 million millionaires in the U.S. 25% on their income tax and 25% on corporations (since they are people too, they need to be taxed) for the next 10 years AND cut the current federal spending by more than half to get rid of the debt in 10 years!!!!!

    Its that fucking simple. Too bad all the millionaires and corporations are greedy :( and they would probably say "too bad all the poor people are stupid"....well i would say i think its bullshit we cant have an amazing perfect society with great healthcare and less crime because you want to be fucking greedy with all your wealth and not pay for the country and society you live in, you fucking prick.
  17. When the opinion of the people is more important to politicians than monetary incentives from outside companies...

    Could be a while
  18. i still dont see how they can approve marinol, a pill with THC in it, but still keep marijuana schedule 1 which means it has NO medical value. why has no one called the government out on this? basically their saying THC is ok as long as its mass produced in pills by big pharma. it bullshit. but i guess so is everything else related to the legal status of weed.
  19. And what is worse, Joey, is that Marinol HAS KILLED! Down in section V, this report tells us that FOUR people died directly due to Marinol- and another person died from it indirectly! :eek: But natural cannabis came in at ZERO DEATHS! :smoking:

    Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs (Jan. 1, 1997 to June 30, 2005) (report - 2009) Deaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs - Medical Marijuana - ProCon.org

    The FDA has written documentation that patients can overdose on Marinol and that it can be lethal (news - 2009)

    I think it would be more logical to switch the two THCs! Make Marinol, the potential killer, Schedule 1, and natural cannabis Schedule 3! (although, actually, it should simply be totally de-scheduled! :smoking: )

    Granny :wave:

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