federal checkpoint locations to help you avoid getting busted

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    here is a list of permanent checkpoints in california, texas, arizona, and new mexico. if you live in any of these states, i recommend you look at these federal checkpoints and do NOT ride with weed through them unless you have just a lil bit that you can eat or get rid of easily. They will arrest you if they find bud on you. They don't give a shit if you have a medical card or not.United States Border Patrol Interior Checkpoints - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  2. Fed's vs State vs City vs Me. Thanks for the list, but the government's ballsack in my face is a bit irritating.
  3. thatnks for the pointer bud-dy...but a mailman is a federal agent as well...people don't really know that if your mailman is suspecting you of using marijuana, he could get you in some deep shit as well.....smoke on..
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  4. You can't be serious.
  5. This is Useful Information man! im visiting my sis all the time out in cali! Thanks! Ill plus rep you later when i can haha.
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    Border Patrol can't do shit... unless you give them probable cause

  7. except for the fact that at several of these locations they have dogs sniffing cars that pass though... this is true of the checkpoint on interstate 8 in CA
  8. Yes, its very important people realize they don't care about medical marijuana since its Federal and there is no federal medical marijuana.
  9. Feds don't fuck around either
  10. [quote name='"doedsredskap"']

    except for the fact that at several of these locations they have dogs sniffing cars that pass though... this is true of the checkpoint on interstate 8 in CA[/quote]

    This and the fact that they can arrest you for just having a lighter with resin on the bottem.
  11. I live in Arizona and have had a few patients i know stopped by Border Patrol where they discovered Medical Marijuana. Typically, they confiscate it and send you on your way. In a recent case the Feds were ordered to return the medicine to the young lady. They are not interested with Prosecuting a possession charge, especially one where the defendant is in full compliance with state law. Their typical MO on any possession charge is to refer it to the local Sheriff - in which case if you are legally allowed to posess Medical Marijuana, he has to let you go. Most Sheriff's outside of Maricopa county are pretty legit and cool.
  12. There were 12 people in this country who were given marijuana cigarettes by the federal government. Low quality stuff, lots of stems and seeds, dry as all hell. It was after a man won a federal case by essentially saying "You guys are telling me I can't use the one thing, cannabis, that actually increases my quality of life due to my glaucoma."

    The program was shut down pretty hard when the original Bush administration found out people with AIDS wanted in. After that, the program went down to 8, and now they're all dying.
  13. Bumping this thread from 2012, as it's now 2019. It is my understanding that the fed dot gov has shut down some of the checkpoints, due to funding. We used to live in El Paso, and crossed through those checkpoints hundreds of times.

    We're taking a trip back to West Texas for Thanksgiving. (Specifically, Fort Davis, Alpine, and Big Bend)

    Has anybody got first-hand, direct information about status of checkpoints in Texas? Thanks

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