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feco potency

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by starguy, May 5, 2023.

  1. A friend gave me some feco he made.,It tested at 70% thc.,If this is the case then does it mean that 1gram of the feco will have 700mg of thc in it.,? I'd like to use it for spiking honey and want to know how much is enough.,Thank's for looking.,
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  2. Yes, you have that right. 700 mg. Are you making phoney?
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  3. Yes i did make some. It has a taste.,it tastes like the feco smells. Not BAD.,but not great. I haven't tried it with anything.,just straight.,just dosed 30 min. ago.
    I used 1.8gm. of feco because i wanted 1800mg of thc.,i guess i only got aprx. 1260,. =ing 35mg./tsp.,which is ok.,
    More taste testing before i make more. Thank you for your reply.,

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  4. Well it works.,lol.,I was pleasantly stoned for most of the day.,It was a bit more than I expected from a 35mg dose but I had a small burger for lunch and that could have helped.
    Anyway I need to try it with food and see what the taste is like. I have 3-4 more grams of it to play with.
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  5. Run part of your FECO with Kats recipe and see if it dosen't boost the strength and duration per ng used.
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Or mine. Same basic thing.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
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