Feast and Famine.

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  1. Hello folks. I've been doing experiments with plants in hydro to see how they react and grow under various circumstances and I got curious since hydroponics offers us the rare opportunity to clear the entire root zone instantaneously.

    I'm wondering if anyone here has attempted a feast famine cycle on their hydro cannabis?
    During veg and here at the first 3 weeks of flowering I did food water twice, Then Pure RO, no additives. I have repeated this through the grow and have found expect slowed results during famine(About 65% of normal growth) but then come feast time, the plant EXPLODES with content and grows almost 2x faster for the duration of the food. The bounce back Grows far more than not having done the cycle. I'm having to tie it down to fit in the tent and cut tons of fan leaves that are blocking light. I plan on having only one more famine cycle now at flower week 7 and the final one for flush near flower week 12.

    Next time I do this I'll take photos, The reason I am attempting these random experiments, is because I find that this plant grows better with adversity. Has anyone in hydro attempted this method? I tried looking online but it's one of those things you simply cannot ask google.
  2. Do you have a control group that keeps getting fed on a constant basis?
  3. Almost. I realized I'd need to do that so I'm starting the new cycle now. I know it'll be a bit, so I suppose I'll have to come back In a few months. Sorry for being unprepared. Got caught up In a theory.
  4. I'd be interested in seeing a comparison to a control group...I must admit, I'd be surprised if the group being given the 'feast' and 'famine' cycle outgrew the group being given nutes on a constant regular basis, but I've been wrong before. :)

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