Fear of emergency situations while high or drunk?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sgj24, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Does anyone else sometimes worry about how you would handle an emergency or something bad happening while you're really high or drunk? Like a medical emergency, fire in your house while you're stoned, receiving a death notification, etc. I feel like I wouldn't be able to handle the situation as well I could when I'm sober.
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  2. Well id handle it perfectly rational stoned. Cant say the same about alcohol. However seeing as i don't drink it wont ever be an issue for moi :)

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  3. Same as above
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  4. I've thought about this before. Last time I was so high I thought I broke my ankle but I was high after all. It was weird I felt my leg in the darkness(I was walking home after a soccer session/smoke sesh). I could feel blood but it was just sweat lol.

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  5. Lol one time I was running in a parking lot while high and I tripped on those cement things they put where a car is supposed to stop, smashed my knee and blood was dripping on the ground the entire time I walked home, completely ignored it though lmao. Managed to just get a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol to clean it.
  6. Shit hitting the fan is in my genetic code.

    I'm more afraid of shit when it is calm and nothin' is goin' on.:coolalt:
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  7. It numbs you to an extent and you are less susceptible to emotions. I don't recommend it.
  8. I'm a landlord and occasionally I'll get a late emergency call. I used to worry but I've found I can handle that shit just fine with a good buzz on. Tolerance helps immensely.
  9. I fear how I will handle an emergency sober let alone stoned
  10. Oh god, I've never thought about that. I usually just wonder what I would in case of emergencies but while I'm drunk? I'm fucked

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  11. I'm a trained EMT so it comes as instinct to me, but yeah I try to avoid those situations and only provide care if it's absolutely neccesary and only when sober help is on the way :laughing:
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  12. No, not really. If something happens, I'll do just like if I was sober, and call for some help. I also am not trained to help out in emergencies, so I'm not someone people would be looking to for help anyhow.

    I suspect that the shock of something bad happening would probably serve to clear my head fairly quickly. I rarely get high past the point of being able to focus if I need to, and don't really drink.
  13. As a former emergency responder, I like to think I react to high pressure situations rather appropriately. I've had emergencies arise while I'm inebriated and it's always cleared my head, which I guess has to do with instinct as Enigma said.
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  14. Fortunate for me, I've always been able to control myself no matter how high or drunk.
    In fact, I'd prefer emergencies to happen while a little buzzed, I'm a bit more calm buzzed or stoned.
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  15. Yes! This bothers me every time I smoke! I refuse to drive high and my son doesn't drive so I'm always worried about what would go down if there was a medical emergency or some shit, I'm kind of sickly anyway.
  16. Once you've actually had to deal with a couple emergency situations, your stress over them happening lessens, which is a good thing but can also be a bad thing, getting too comfortable can often lead to panic.

    I'm personally on call most of the time and have to respond to certain situations. Rather than just hope it does not happen, everytime i am on call, i always call the people on shift and just get a lay out on how things are going, any problems, etc. I used to just wait for the call, but i have found having information and being prepared to be virtually invaluable over time.
  17. LOOOOOL! WELP! I suppose that I could handle myself pretty well during an emergency and hell if anything being stoned might keep me from panicking.

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