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    There was a post a couple pages back with a link to a NY Time article about this release but here's the original.

    First interesting thing - They released in on 4/20. I wonder if that was calculated.

    Second interesting thing - Read for yourself...

    Let's review:
    1. "Marijuana has a high potential for abuse."
    I would say that tobacco has a much higher potential for abuse because of the fact that it is physically addictive and marijuana is not. Marijuana has approximately the same potential for abuse(i.e. addiction) as alcohol and gambling. The actual risk of such abuse are probably much lower. I think alcohol's effect on the liver and brain cells is worse than marijuana smoke on the lungs(and, of course, you can vaporize it) and gambling can bankrupt you faster than marijuana can by a factor of about infinity(you can bet everything you own on a single hand/round but you can only smoke so much weed a day.

    2. "[Marijuana] has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States."
    The FDA just said that smoked marijuana has no medicinal value because it has no medicinal value. C'est quoi? Isn't that like saying that gravity works because it does? Besides, continuing our comparison to tobacco, what medical use does it have? None. In fact, doesn't it cause serious complications when used at the same time as many medical treatments and even eventually lead to a painful death? You betcha!

    3. "[Marijuana] has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision."
    Why couldn't they just say it isn't safe to use? Oh yeah, because they trying to confuse us since it's very safe to use, especially when eaten, vaporized, or smoked as bubble hash.

    FDA = Fuck Dem Assholes.
  2. It's the same sort of reasoning that they've been using in the courts for years. Funny/sad thing is that it keeps working... :cool:
  3. the fda sucks for all the reasons youve just mentiones jonbong

    marijuana seems to be safer than both tobaccoa and alcohol, yet its illegal and tobacco and alcohol are not. its just because for so many years marijuana was built up as being evil and bad, while tobacco and alcohol are traditions in america and have been accepted.

    its only a matter of time...
  4. "Marijuana has a high potential for abuse."

    i agree with that 100%. not due to people getting dependent on it such as opiated based prescriptions, BUT due to people who do NOT neet medicinal marijuana, get their license, and deal the medicinal pot due to its higher potency

    that happens all around my town, and i see numerous topics about people asking what they can say to get their medicinal license

    if someone doesnt need a medicinal license, just buy bud like normal
    people who abuse the system and dont really need medicinal marijuana are reasons why they say it has a high potential for abuse, and it really does due to how easy a license can be obtained, and for that reason, its why people tend to look down upon marijuana as a medication and why people want it shut down

    thats just my take on it as a medicinal user because i see the abuse happen all the time and it really annoys me
  5. "Marijuana has a high potential for abuse."

    Cottage cheese or television could be just as much abused.
  6. I think most of us have too much bias to look at what the FDA is saying as anything constructive.

    They've just laid out the problem, now we need to solve it.

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