FBI using GPS to spy on student...

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  1. i disagree, your government has made many, many stupid choices. The only "smart" government you've had recently is obama, and hes not that smart either. oh well, atleast its a step up from bush

  2. Well I'm not referring to the talking heads that are called presidents... or the politicians in congress.

    More the Fed, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, Treasury, etc. Yeah we have debt from past mistakes by the chief and congress, but you can't deny that talent exists in those agencies. They aren't respected and feared globally for nothing. ;)

  3. i would say any defence department of the US is feared for its ignorance. They dont care about any other people that arent americans
  4. The advancements and accomplishments achieved by the Federal Reserve, CIA, FBI, DoJ and Treasury are too numerous to mention so I won't bother doing so here.

    A good starting place would probably be going to Google and searching for the history of each respective agency.

    EDIT: Also, every country's government is concerned about their own people, not anyone else. Their people are concern numero uno. You're fooling yourself to believe otherwise.

  5. all im saying is that the american government generally cares less about other people, then say, canada :p
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    When's the last time the Canadian government has done something for Americans that aren't citizens of Canada?

    If you think of anything let me know because I'll take a brief trip up there to leech off it. :D

  7. I dont know of anything, but i dont pay much attention to shit like that. Name me something america has done for canada XD

  8. I'm not saying we have. :cool:

    I'm saying that every sovereign government cares about pleasing one group of people: their own citizens. Not anyone else's.

  9. that is true, but other countries treat other countries nicer then the american government does. Canada does have flaws too, just like all governments
  10. Every form of government is shit, some just reek of less shit.
  11. My dad could beat up all of your dads.
  12. Good luck finding a spot to beat him, there's security cameras EVERYWHERE these days :p
  13. Considering our government already feels like it can listen to our phone calls and look at text messages from up to two years ago. Ive noticed that every new phone has the GPS function so you can get directions or whatever. But how long until, if not already, they start tracking people by that? When they do it will be a gold mine, they could look at anyone they wanted and see what there are doing.
  14. They dont need that function, they simply have to ask the Telco to provide the callers location.

    If you'd read all the posts in the thread you would have seen my earlier post... About how SPRINT gave LEO callers GPS locations over 8 million times last year alone ;)

  15. I'm sure they already have real-time satellites covering every square mile of the US.

    Just like Google Maps except high definition and perfect real-time movements. Just like a camera.

  16. I like how the two kids were just innocent stoners too.

    I'd be fucking outraged if I found one of those on my car, god I hope he sues.

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