FBI using GPS to spy on student...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mystic Vibes, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Just saw this story on my homepage and really, this is upsetting that our own government is going to these lengths to watch people that are innocent .

    And it is now legal for them to just slap a tracking device on your car, even if its sitting in your driveway :eek:

    Heres the story FBI allegedly caught using GPS to spy on student - CNN.com

    and the page with some pictures of what it looked like from the kids friend
    Does this mean the FBI is after us? : reddit.com

    Tell me what you think GC, im getting sicker and sicker with my government by the day
  2. You would think they'd have more important issues to take care of.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk
  3. I for one welcome our new Chines.... I mean, Big Brother overlords.
  4. Its fuckin sick man that they do this shit. They hack into smart phones and listen to convos, track your location, take photos of you. They are fuckin overlords
  5. What do you suggest they do then? Granted they use their power a little too liberally but sometimes its for a good thing
  6. You realise the telco SPRINT admitted to providing LEO with GPS locations of thier mobile phone users OVER 8 MILLION TIMES last year...

    Thats one Telco, so whats the total number of GPS locations given out every year by all the telco's?

    You use a mobile phone, big brother owns you, its as simple as that.

  7. holocaust time...soon....lol:hello:

  8. Yes Master, what ever you say master....lol:wave:
  9. Shit, our government is giving us stoners so many more reasons to be paranoid :rolleyes:
  10. haha, im never paranoid, OT this is bullshit
  11. This pisses me off. Bastards:mad:
  12. Patriot Act gave enough power and loophole for the government to do this. I've been sick for at least a decade now. Bravo for the knee-jerk fear reaction.

  13. Yup, the patriot act basically says "the government now has the right to watch your every move"

    I wouldnt be so against it if it wasn't abused by the government to do what they want, to who they want.
  14. The Patriot Act gives the government permission to do what they have been doing for fucking years.
  15. well, thats the problem with living in america. Your government is horrible
  16. Your government is probably the same way, just better at hiding it.
  17. Your government/DEA stopped ours from legalizing back in '03...

    but ya... Stephen Harper. nuf said.

  18. i highly doubt that, our government is far less "dicky" then yours. Our government doesnt randomly prosecute muslimes left and right. Yes there have been some cases, but not to the extent of the cases in america. Your government is the cause for many problems in canada. our government cant do things that the US government wont like because they'll freeze all the stocks canada has in the US and our economy would plumit to the ground. Even ask people all over the world, and no offence to americans, but your government is horrible.
  19. No Offence taken, i agree... my government is horrible
  20. Well, maybe your government should have the foresight and common sense to not create an economy that is highly dependent on another nation's stock market to the point of collapse. ;)

    Our government may be pricks, but they're smart pricks. :p

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