fbi caught spying and wants their gps tracker back

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobba loo, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. ............
  2. New world orderrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  3. Looks like someone's getting reassigned to the Nebraska field office come Monday.
  4. Got to keep a tab on them somehow.
  5. Fuckin wow...
  6. Wow, the only time they bust out the old equipment is when all the new stuff is already in use . . .

    How many of these things are there and how many people have them on their cars?
  7. This is just ridiculous. I'm kind of starting to hate my country.
  8. I wouldn't say things like that
  9. I used to be worried... but if the g.p.s. tracking devices are that fucking big all it would take is a quick look under the car and i would find it. but they did say the new ones are smaller... could you set up a silent alarm system that only alerts you when someone is messing with your car???
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    No doubt. Watch your car from now on :)

    Bobba Loo. Can you post a link to the article so i can share it elsewhere?
  11. I would have either run it through the bandsaw a few times before sending it back, or hidden on a Canadian bound big rig.
  12. Despite having run up several thousand man hours and wasting tons of public money investigating nothing, the FBI was able to retrieve their outdated device, saving the public hundreds of dollars?

    The device was the cheap part. The investigation cost at least, tens of thousands of dollars, which the public will never see any benefit from.

    I would have dipped the fucking thing in shit, before giving it back to them.

    That would have made them calling him "boring", so much more interesting!

    "Hey, agents, does this thing smell funny to you?":D

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