FBI arrests 7 Amish on hate crime charges

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  1. FBI arrests 7 Amish on hate crimes charges - CBS News

    Whats say you GC, is this a crime if nobody presses charges? Is the FBI acting accordingly, or is it a power grab for jurisdiction over "hate crimes"?

    Why is the matter not left to state and local police, what brings the FBI into this matter? From what I can tell it all took place in Ohio :confused_2:

    Lots of angles to consider on this one..
  2. Little do people know that the Amish helped spy for the Vietcong back in the day.
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    was wondering when i would see this here.


    What the fuck does being charged with a hate crime mean anyways?

    Some white kids dragged a black guy and ran him over with a truck ( again and again) , and in the tape they said "n*****" , and it made it a hatecrime. OK. fair enough.

    Now you have these Amish cats. They cut some peoples hair off ( and probably gave them a lords beating at the same time) and get charged with a hate crime. Two criminal acts, two charges of " hate crime".

    These two acts, very different from each other ( imo) with one resulting in death and the other a really bad hair cut( bumps and brusies). So what does charging them both with a hate crime do??? Does that fairly describe what was just done? What does adding a hate crime charge actually do? Add ten years to whatever sentence was going to be handed in the first place? I dont really get it.

    Now lets add a 3rd scenario . Husband comes home, wife is sucking some other guys penis. Calls them both muther fuckers, bitches, etc... Man beats the tar out of both of them, no hate crime charge.

    Now lets add one more. Husband comes home, sees a chinese man banging his wife. Calls him a racist name, then kicks shit out of him. Hate crime charge.

    How different are those last two? what say you?

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  5. I was reading news on the other day, this one guy got arrested and faced 7 years in jail for saying ******.

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  7. [quote name='"Grizmoblust"']I was reading news on the other day, this one guy got arrested and faced 7 years in jail for saying ******.[/quote]

  8. I'm not a fan of the concept of a hate crime
  9. This is very interesting. I'll have to look at this a lot closer.

    I live in an Amish community. I know a lot of Amish. I worked with them for a decade or so.

    None of the Amish I know would ever attack anyone including other Amish.

    Hmmmm.... :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

    The Amish that I know are really hard working people that are never asleep when the sun comes up. They keep to themselves and are probably more like to be a victim of a so called "hate" crime around here by people who think that they smell funny.

    I know that they mostly have 6th grade educations but they are master carpenters by the time they are twelve. Of course they are all agricultural work horses. One family of Amish could feed a small town.

    Thanks for posting this.
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    But seriously is there a more idiotic concept than a hate crime? Is a white man killing a black man any worse than a white man killing a white man? Murder is murder.
  11. Well I don't know about "hate crimes" per say.

    But yes it's a crime if it's not reported. Thousands of women take beatings everyday and won't report it out of fear.

    That fucker should be sent to jail.

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