favourite weed centred forums

Discussion in 'General' started by thezool, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. it might seem a bit stupid posting this question on a weed forum, but i don't think there needs to be any competetive feelings.

    does anyone here actually prefer a different weed forum to this one? i used to surf multiple forums at once but now i just really go on this one so i'm interested in some other weed forums.

    or is this your favourite one truly?
  2. This is truly my favorite.
  3. When I become active in a forum I usually stick to that one forum.
  4. :gc_rocks:GC is the best counter-culture forum to date.

    i used to frequent reddit but thats not centered around ganj...
  5. this site, this site only :)
  6. I will -rep anyone who says something other than GC
  7. I'm a one site man. (per topic). I do sometimes go to another board or two, but they are not weed centered, or related in any way.

    Most other weed forums are probably just people copying and pasting stuff from here anyway.

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