Favorite Youtube Channels For Smoking

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  1. marijuana man
    mark klokeid 
    who's your favorite? list some so i can subscribe to their channels :)

  2. Check out my man DaSquirrelsNuts for some really decent gameplay and opinion, another one I gotta put some rep out on is TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit.
    Just check them out if you dig good sim games and conversation, both my top picks on YouTube...Not sure how they'll appreciate their channels being advertised all over Our City here, but fuck 'em, they'll love it even if I have to make them love it. :cool:
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     i watch stoney sunday,
  4. Doug Benson, Getting Dough With High.
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  5. If you like gameplay commentaries and funny stoner stories, go with xcodeh.
  6. xCodeh , HaleyisSoarx , and Justin Kinne is my favorite but only has like 8 videos but once he gets off probation he will hopefully post more

    Stay Lifted~
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    Haha, I also watch stoney sunday and xcodeh! Forgot to mention it. lol 
    I also watch kushonlyTV...if you enjoy a troublesome white kid who has lots of "getting caught doing bad stuff" stories, check him out! 
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  9. Jane Dro has fantastic content. I really like HaleyisSoarx and I don't know why.
    I'll guess one reason
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  11. fuckin a man!

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  12. Theguythatcouldfly and R3dband are my favorite channels to smoke to, and Dunkey is hilarious

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  13. FUCKIN A!!!
  14. TheCCC420, or Dave Warden
  15. I like The Adam Dunn Show.
  16. wahey, a fellow Dunkey fan!
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  17. SwaysUniverse, especially if you like hiphop. Hundreds of episodes.
  18. Go to you tube and enter "subcool420" or "the weed nerd"  He has almost 200 episodes and he will smoke you out like crazy.
    Get your bongs, your pipes your joints your blunts your vapes your zepplins....whatever you need to take you to where you gotta go...it's time to get high with the weed nerd!!

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