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Favorite ways to smoke HASH

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bridgedank, Jan 11, 2013.

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    That's right, what's your favorite way to smoke hash? Iso hash, full melt, poor mans, you name it, I want to know your favorite way to smoke it!

    Personally, smoking Willy's Wonder Bubble Hash out of a small wooden (redwood) bowl does wonders (!) as long as its crumbled up nicely.

    I also attempted to dab the hash onto a glass nail in dome. Maybe full melt will work better ^_^

    Looking forward,
    *edit iPhone smileys aren't compatible : /
  2. My favorite is and will always be in a traditional spliff. Either use tobacco or herb mixes to melt the hash in. Barely any tobacco taste if you dont dig that. Hash is my favorite cannabis concentrate.
  3. Mmm I almost imagine a chocolate flavor/aroma that would be produced from making one of those with this Bubble I got here.

    I never smoke tobacco besides the occasional shisha. But maybe I will try it out and see how I like it :)

    And of course to also increase the flavor and reduce harmful butane with the meds, using organic hemp wick does the trick.
  4. I gotta agree, spliffs with tobacco and some hash are unbeatable, its almost creamy in the best of ways. MM.
  5. I love it wether in a chillum or topping my bowls. Never comes bad in a cigarette or a joint. Hmmm hash...
  6. I have only tried full melt but i always enjoy dabbing it or smoking straight out of a pipe with a screen. I like to feel the full effect of the hash not the combo lf weed+hash. Hash has a different kind of high to it
  7. Either dabs or topping a bowl, if I have true hash (that black stuff, not ISO/budder) I sometimes use the cup and straw method.
  8. 710PEN

    ^does the job nicely :smoke:
  9. Break it up, and roll it up with some nice tobacco :)
  10. in my bong, heated by my soldering gun.

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