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Favorite way to smoke hash?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hurdy gurdy man, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. So my friend's Honeymoon plants are finally ready for harvest, and we've decided to use the cold water method to make hash from the leaves.

    I've never smoked hash before (practically impossible to find here), so I was wondering what everyone's favorite way of smoking it is. In a joint mixed with weed? In a bowl? Hot knives?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. With a lighter.
  3. my favorite way is to layer weed and hash/kief in the bowl like weed hash weed hash. provides a good smoke and u dont see all your kief melt down the bowl in like 2 hits.
  4. 1.5/10
  5. With a base of weed then a little hash log cabin topped w/ more trees, then burnt and inhaled
  6. i like to use a bong and screen and take straight hash hits, it is soooo tasty.

    if im tryin to pack a bowl though i will do weed/hash/weed/hash/weed to get a really nice layer effect.:smoking::smoking:
  7. weed then hash then weed in a bong bowl or roll that shit up
  8. stick a ball to the side of your bowl and smoke it that way. careful, don't use too much, or it might drip down into your piece.
  9. Solar hash hits are the best:
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  10. Hot knifes. Just stick them in the range coils.
  11. I. Love. Your. Sun Ra. Sig.
  12. I like doing hoots off the end of a cig.
  13. put a layer of weed, layer of hash, and a sprinkle of coke on top in a bowl and tell me how you feel
  14. Knife hits will rock you. However i sometimes prefer to just take some rips out of my bubbler.
  15. Once you press it you can smoke it in a bowl with a screen just fine. Kief or more powdery hash, I usually just roll a tobacco cigarette and add a little hash, but a joint would probably work just as well. A tiny amount is all you need, overdoing it can be unpleasant and it's really easy to smoke two or three times as much as you need to get baked because the doses are so small.
  16. I like to mix in tiny bits with weed and put it all in a bong bowl.

    A hash-filled bong toke is intense :D
  17. green screen
  18. knife hits! get down. also on a screen in a bong or in a homemade 5 perk lol
  19. out of a glass pipe all by itself

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