Favorite video viewing sites?

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  1. So what are your favorite video veiwing sites? My favorite would have to be SurfTheChannel. It's got every single show, movie, documentary I could ever need. It is also very quick to load the videos.
    Check out this site, you wont be disappointed.

  2. word sufthechannel is the best site
  3. i was just going to say the exact same thing
  4. well i was going to say nabolister. movies- but surf has better quality movies.
  5. I'm a fan of Megarotic, YouPorn, XTube, Pornhub, and RedTube.


    haha for real though, check out hulu and megavideo.
  6. i use watchtvsitcoms
  7. One time I needed X-files episodes and they weren't on surfthechannel, so I used 56.com. It's all in Chinese, but they had everything.
  8. nabolister and joox most of the time
  9. VEOH is pretty good. Especially if you know what you are after. Granted you do have to install the VEOH client to get the most of it. But then again, that client is excellent if you for example intend to watch streaming videos on the big screen in your living room.

    Oh, and thanks for the SurfTheChannel tip. Loved that site :)

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