Favorite type of rolling papers

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by brookeybrocky, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Mines the reg ol Zig Zags. They burn perfectly and they're the easiest too roll.
  2. FullBowlFriday: never used those but I just bought the white zig zags not the ref orange, I hope they work well
  3. I also say elements. They roll up nice, burn well, and don't produce ash.
  4. PapaBonerad: ill have to try elements sometimes then. My least fav is pry Raws only bc they're a bitch to roll and burn horribly. Only good thing is that there all natural
  5. I agree, my least favorite are raws, theyre cool but they dont stick well, i dont know maybe the pack i got was defective, i might have to give em another try
  6. It do stick well but you gotta lick on the outside instead of inside for it to stay intact.
  7. I've only used RIZZLA, can't compare.
  8. Raw 1 1/4 all the way
  9. Raws, skunk, irie

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