Favorite thing when stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by OG Yoda, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I used to get high at my gmas before she knew I smoked and when I came in I would always throw in the movie Grandmas Boy. She always said " I know why you watch this so much" i would reply with "oh yeah? Why do I watch this so much?" She would say " because im a cool grandma like that" i would just say yeah, little does she know that it is just a great stoner movie lol. My gma is cool though.

    I also enjoy putting some dubstep on, or riding through town in my truck with my 2 12" 1200 watt subs kickin to some deep bass. It feels amazing.
  2. Just relaxing and chatting with friends. And eating, of course. I rarely do anything elaborate while I'm high, just like relieving the stress built up during the weekdays.
  3. Pussy , $ , weed , videogames , chilling , friends , internet , tv , mall , outdoors , playing with my dog , listening to music , waterparks , etc :gone:

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