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Favorite thing to smoke out of?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CannabisMan5000, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Personally I like to use bongs XD but I was curious as to what you guys like to use? :bongin:
  2. You have good taste. Bongs all the way

  3. Oh of course :) they truly are, I don't like pipes AS much(I'll still use em if it's the only thing there), but bongs are like 30 times better, the sound, the coolness o the hit, the way it makes you feel like the coolest stoner ever :bongin: all day
  4. Bongs, but sometimes I get tired of em and like to smoke a good ol pipe
  5. Definitely bongs I mainly use my glass one but when I'm on the road or away from home I'll use a milk bottle good old Aussie style
  6. KIA Vaporizer hooked up with a bong.
  7. Lung's and Joints...

    Ive tried bongs before and they where swell but i don't have one so i cant use one all the time.
  8. Love me a good bong
  9. Bongs, then steamrollers. I like the convenience of joints as well but they waste too much weed.
  10. Bubblers or bongs hands down. But you can't beat a spliff or two here and there
  11. Nice name, OP! Lol, but yeah, I definitely prefer bongs over everything.
    But if it came to down to methods of smoking, BHO Dabs > Everything.
  12. I love smoking anything but my two favorite are Joints then any Glass
  13. in order

    1. joints
    3.bongs pipes
    5.homemade shit
    1837464: bubbler. hate that thing.
  14. Spoons because they are very easy to transport and easier to conceal.
  15. Everyone I know loves blunts, I hate them... hot smoke. I like a good bubbler or bong, If im going out for the day and smoking outside I take my small 3inch bowl with some pipe screens I have tucked in my wallet.
  16. Bong's for sure. Bought 2 quality pieces and my mind will never change. After bongs I'd say joints =]

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