favorite thing to do when your high

Discussion in 'General' started by senior kusher, May 12, 2011.

  1. mine is play fifa 11 . its the best .
  2. get higher.
  3. Woooooosh!
  4. Talk to people. Especially strangers. And pretty women.
  5. beat me to it :smoke:
  6. Watch funny movies or read threads on here. People here are funny as hell :D
  7. The favorite thing to do when I'm high. is

    Debate Quantum Physics
  8. let's see....during my first semester of college my day consisted as thus: wake up, smoke vape, play fifa and super smash bros, watch tv, and then begin drinking. so those things.
  9. Simple, I like to socialize with people. Even though i'm more of a quiet, to-myself kind of guy.

    Gotta love a good talk while stoned.
  10. I like to play Brink or Mass Effect when I'm stoned.

    oh, and driving.
  11. been playin crash nitro kart on ps2 lately haha
  12. Lol. Every time I get just ripped, this always happens. The conversations always go the same way as well.
    Physics>Universe>God>Society>Forget why we're yelling>Light another bowl up.

    My favorite thing to do while high is probably tied between playing Oblivion or driving trails.
  13. put eye drops in and go to work
  14. i watch this scene atleast once a day :) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwQkT_3ZSjQ]YouTube - Harold and Kumar : Guantanamo Bay Grape Pop Soda Scene[/ame]

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