Favorite thing to do when you are high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Corn Man, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. My girlfriend has this room in her basement that has nothing in it and her basement is full of furniture, so I put a decent setup in that room, I like to get nice and toasty, turn the lights down low and I have an 80s music track setup on youtube that lasts me for hours.

    Let's try to avoid saying sex... because we all know that's amazing high =P
  2. smoke again lol
  3. do exactly as that picture^^^^^^
  4. That's me... with music =P
  5. crusin through los santos poppin caps in *****s

    gsf or die
  6. It's kinda hard for me to choose my favorite thing to do high because doing everything is simply amazing while high.
  7. Drive.
    It's gotta be drive.

    Get nice and ripped behind the wheel, punk rock jammin through the stock speakers of a 1996' Toyota Avalon :smoke:
    I'm easy to please. Buds in the bag, gas in the tank.
  8. Everything I normally enjoy doing sober, it's just enhances the experience.
  9. How can you like driving high? I get so fucking scared...
  10. Nah man I drive like a pro high.
    I've never been close to an accident.
    And the one and only time I have ever been pulled over I was sober as shit.

    Drive well and there's no need to be scared.
  11. Chill out, bump music, play saints row 3
  12. Word. I actually drive better high cause I pay more attention to detail and never go a mile over the speed limit.
  13. Exactly, focused as a motherfucker. Also, cruse control :cool:

  14. Haha, I read his post and was about to say cruise control but figured I would read the last post first, my only problem is I zone out, I remember last time I didn't use it I was going 35 on the highway in the middle of the night.
  15. [quote name='"BUDDAMUNK"']crusin through los santos poppin caps in *****s

    gsf or die[/quote]

    Grove Street Fool!


    I enjoy alot of activities, if im alone and able to smoke at a park or nature trail then ill just wonder around and explore. See nature and awe and respect mother earth.

    If im at home, ill get on GTAIV and play. Not always the missions, sometimes just cruise. Or ill watch movies or tv shows on dvd.

    Idk it depends on the mood, but im never bored thanks to the Wonderful World of Weed!
  16. Food man, definitely food. The simplest top ramen is exquisite as fuck when you're baked!
  17. [quote name='"LulzMaximus"']Food man, definitely food. The simplest top ramen is exquisite as fuck when you're baked![/quote]


    Damn im hungry
  18. Yeah, my brain has cruise control too. I space out as well. I'll arrive at the destination and say "Damn, I don't really remember getting here." I'm aware of other cars, and redlights(which I have mistaken for stop signs xD ) but I'm more lost in thought.

    Damn, man. It's time for me to fire up a Hotpocket
  19. get more high in 420 seconds
  20. Yeah, like when I am high driving I am perfectly aware of the situation I am in, while I am in it, but when I think back and recall driving, I will just be like "how the fuck did I get here alive?"

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