favorite taste when high?

Discussion in 'General' started by isis_420, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. just wondering what your mouth craves when high. i like hot and sour - i actually found a candy that is both!!!!
  2. I know this thread is a little bored but I am cruising all the old posts seeing if i can find something interesting... lol ... dont say anything, its 9:30 on a Wednesday night over here :p

    anyways a taste that is good while high is gum after you chew it until the mint flavour is gone and you get that nice taste, only get it when high.

    oh well, back to my cruising of old posts i guess

    :p hehe
  3. mmmmmmmmm Dr Pepper :D
  4. sweet 'n sour sauce or taiwanese coconut sticks
  5. ahh i crave chips and sour skittles.

    The chips have to be sour cream and onion of course

    and my drink of choice would be a nice ice cold coke.
  6. I crave gum of any kind.........I have to constantly be chewing gum. Maybe I have an oral fixation of some sort that I need shock therapy to cure. LOL. But anyway, Big Red gum is my passion right now.
  7. Anything minty, especially Wrigley's Polar Ice gum.
  8. well for some reason I get heaps stoned but never get the munchies.. but I would say corn chips and salsa go down pretty well :p
  9. pringles any flavour it dont matter when you ave got da munchies as long as ther are two tubes
  10. well, since a work in a pizza place, and we sell ( and eat)pizzas, spaguettis, fried chicken, cheese-fingers, chicken wings, french fries, well, the only thing I don´t eat from there is the salad.

    i am the only toker who hasn´t turned thin among my friends, heheheh.

    When I´m high, i can eat wathever you put in front of me
  11. cream soda

  12. Peach snapple mhmm
  13. this drink called tropical haze and some hot fries!
  14. I like fresh fruit best like apple slices and strawberries and grapes

    and of course, a chocolate lover's devotion from cold stone is damn close to Godly when high :smoking:
  15. Pussy haha, really its the best high

    For food though any gum is wicked good

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