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Favorite Strains...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NateDaGreat420, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Whatz everyonez favorite strain mines sweet tooth!!!

    howz bouts you ganjamom ???

    Much love ya'll
  2. mine are nothernlights#5, whitewidow, superpinkskunk,
    purple star,orange bud, and cali indica.
  3. My favorite is white widow. I've never had it. But if I could make any bud in the world magically appear, it'd be white widow. Orrrr (double) bubblegum. Just from all I hear about it and the pictures I've seen.
  4. Purple haze is the overall winner for my fave bud award.
    Northern Lights get my most full on stone.
    Bubble Gum gets award for best flavor.
    Nevils Haze gets award for best coniseurs choice! a sweet, slightly sharp taste with a hint of grapefruit. A unique stone, clear and relaxing.
    White widow gets award for heaviest shit. the ultimate couch glue.
  5. i smoke hydro and purple haze. i wanna og to amsterdman and smoke some ak 47 ad some white widow
  6. i wish people around here new the strains and all but they dont so it sucks but i would like to try g13 and g13xhashplat and all the others i hope to go to amsterdam

  7. you should try bc hash plant to. its very good. but it has a very spicey taste. but its pretty damn good. the buzz for me lasted for atleast 3hours off of 2grams worth. and it looks simular to whitewidow. its loaded with trichomes.
  8. you cant beat k2, its the nuts!!!!
  9. hydro isn't a strain, it's a grow method. And I wish I had a choice of strains. I'm lucky to get pot. Right now I don't have anything at all. I have money, but I can't find anyone with some for sale. Dammit. This sucks.
  10. I hear ya on the comment about dealers knowing the strain, I have only met one around where I live that knew what the strain was. (It was Popcorn bud and it was good, very piney taste)
  11. i'd have to say juicy fruit, or purple kush
  12. Purple Haze, White Rhino, Bubblegum, Orange Bud and Warlock Haze.
  13. If you buy KB you can usually figure out a general idea of the strain. The only time I've known for sure is with WW becuase it's popular and so damn potent, when I was in B.C. I tryed some white russian, and in california last summer a friend could ask for diff. kinds of bud from a friend who could get medical strains.


  14. easy meet some online growers. and gain there respect and go from there. ;)

  15. yummy! sounds simular to redhair. it smells and taste very piney.
  16. Northern Lights. I like it because generally its a stout plant that fills out with buds. Grown with love can get it a real nice fuity taste as well. And yes its stoney...... :)
  17. maui wowi
    white rhino
    canadian medicinal
    purple indica

    the best ive ever smoked was crazy kreeper that my friend had and it was crazy
  18. I was wondering if you guys have ever had any of these strains?

    Amsterdam Flame
    Arctic Sun

    I'm thinking about growing and these seeds are on and they look good.
  19. 5. Blueberry Chronic
    4. Juicy Fruit
    3. Orange Crush
    2. Green Crack
    1. Bubble Berry
  20. I wish the dealers I went to knew but im fairly sure that they burnt way to many brain cells to remember or care ... I wish I knew cause then ud know id ull like the high right? but honestly I dont think it matters as long as it gets you high right ? :)

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