Favorite Strain and Why?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by fishrealhigh, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Trying to start growing again and want some up to date fire. Chocolope from DNA has been my overall favorite of my grows so far. Been a few years since doing my thing. Looking for a plant that bushes out nice so i can keep my numbers down. An OG kush intrests me. Any recomendations welcome
  2. Deadhead OG is a good yielder in that family. My personal fav strain is Blueberry but yield is about at the bottom of my "favorite strain" priority list. I love it for the happy high and smell, mmmmmmmmmm. 
  3. My personal favorite strain to growthat bushes out is bubba kush, great narcotic high. Watch out if u aren't into couch lock. I also like growing northern lights #1 but thats an old one. My two new favorites from the dispensary are holy grail kush and San Fernando valley kush, both nice and strong. Just my opinion... ;-)

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  4. Have you grown the holy grail kush?
  5. Northern lights is sweet, blueberry is a happy plant to grow, Acapulco Gold was great, Sensi Star was amazing I want it again, Afghani was a big ass plant when I grew it. White Rhino is good, white widow.
    White gold was my absolute favorite. Buds as big around as beer cans and super frosty. I want it again.
    Right now bubblicious is showing me what a pretty plant it can be as a clone in veg and 5 girls in my flower room and looking very good.
  6. Sweet kush is mine because it sent me into a different world

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