Favorite Smoker movie

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Favorite Smoking Movie to watch

  1. Half Baked

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  2. How High

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  3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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  4. Cheech and Chong Series

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  1. what do you think is the greatest smoker movie?
  2. Well the other day, if fishised the last of my resin and watched Harold and Kumar, then one of my friends came over and smoked me up and we watched Half Baked. Both are good movies but I like harold and kumar more.
  3. dunno... havnt seen harold and kumar high, but i love me some half baked.
  4. All i have seen is Cheech and Chong.

    I'm not a movies kind of stoner. I prefer my own sense of hemp culture; not the one dictated through hollywood. (no offense to cheech and chong; the maddest guys around)
  5. Ive seen half baked and F&L a billion times each. F&L has no plot, lol, and Half Baked's jokes get old.
  6. dazed and confused owns too, dont forgot that movie.
  7. Hmmm, how about Bongwater, or The Big Lebowski or Requiem For a Dream?
  8. Movies and my opinion

    Favorite smoker movie:
    How High

    Good Smoker movie:
    Idle Hands
    Daze and Confused
    Fear and loathing
    Half Baked
    Home Grown
    Dead Man on Campus
    Road Trip
    Cheech and Chong
    Harald and Kumar
    Friday after Next
    The other friday

    Ok Smoker Movie:
    Bong Water
    Cash Crop
    Stoned Age
    Saving Grace
    Requiem for a Dream

    Down right dumb smoker movie:
    Kingstone High
    Killer Bud

    Cool Stoner people not in stoner movie thou:
    Brad Pitt- True Romance
    Some asian guy- perfect score

    Rev. Michael T
    Soldier for Christ
  9. cheech and chong are great. i loved watching them as a kid and now they are even better. fear and loathing is also really good. who does not like jhonny depp? :confused:
    naked lunch is drug related but is the weirdest movie i have ever seen, and i have seen some weird shit :smoking:
    those are the best drug movies for me :wave:
  10. million threads about this already but since this guy posted in 2002..hehe its cool...

    umm Requiem for a dream is badass (not to be watched baked...in my opinion) my fav stoner movie is either one Dazed and confused...or i dunno i'm too lazy to think or type sooo i dunno!
  11. how bout evil bong, watched that for the first last week. I was unfortunately sober thought it was ok, though would of been great high
  12. way to bump a 5 year old thread!
  13. Definitely Fear and Loathing. Even if it's more about drugs in general rather than weed it's just so brilliantly directed, scripted, filmed, has an amazing cast etc. etc.
    Oh, and Hunter S. Thomson's the man :D

    EDIT: Oh my, this is five years old? Oh dear :laughing:
  14. I felt the need to reply just because of the age LOL
  15. lol this thread was already old as fuck when the first person replied
  16. Dave Chappelle said in a interview they totally changed half baked, and turned it into a kids stoner movie. :)
  17. why is pineapple express not in the poll?
  18. i'd vote for that one.
  19. Because pineapple express came out in 2008...and the poll was created 2002

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