Favorite smoke trick?

Discussion in 'General' started by ebola weed, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Well, when I was like, 8th grade, I started smoking cigars. Became fascinated with smoke tricks. Then I started smoking weed, which made it so much easier haha..
    I started out with o's, french inhales, that stuff.
    Then I saw
    Pineapple Express,
    and that ghost he does, and I started practising. Mastered it now, years later.
    Now I love blowing o's, big ones, and blowing a ghost through it, then sucking in all the smoke :smoking:
    That's my favorite. What's yours?
  2. the one where you inhale the smoke and then blow it out
  3. I usually stick to french inhales & ghosting it ... Your last trick sounds tight
  4. Smoke tricks arent for all of us.. Some of us just dont have the talent :rolleyes:
    And @ Hso, yeah, dude, its tight
  5. Ahh I love smoke tricks.

    I remember teaching myself to do rings with Rollies as a teenager. Now whenever I blaze I always blow a few rings just out of habit more than anything.

    As for favourite tricks... I've recently been fascinated by lingering smoke, as it can make the smoke look really beautiful/trippy. For instance, resting the roach of a lit joint against your arm hair and watching the smoke dribble out and linger on your arm is awesome, although similarly you can blow un inhaled smoke (works better) onto a shiny surface (glass table, cd box, etc) and play with it while it lingers on the surface. Cool sheet! :)
  6. I don't think it's really a trick but I just keep all my smoke down by pushing it into the bottom of my lungs and breathe shallow. It's not very cool but it helps me out when I smoke in public places.
  7. Blowing OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo's, French inhaling is cool every now and then a good change.
  8. I like doing French inhales cause there nice and easy :) but I rather blow Os or even ghost inhales when I can, haven't mastered them yet though :s
  9. Lol. Os. French inhale and ghost inhale are pretty much the only tricks it seems. Someone needs to come out with a bunch more. That'd be dope.
    Personally, I've been practicing my Os an Ghost but ain't no pro yet.... French inhales easyyy
  10. Ghost inhale by far, my favourite.

    Fan of french inhale too but not nearly as much.
    I've got a friend, i think this looks pretty awesome, after taking a big bong hit he slowly moves back (his whole head/body) only pushing slightly out his mouth (like when you ghost), it makes the smoke form a long billowy tunnel of curling and thick smoke that kinda sits there, just watch it all curl and move. He's got the lungs for it though, i normally have to breathe my hits out fairly soon after toking.

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