Favorite smoke hangouts in your city?

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  1. I live in Chicago and I just wanted to know bout your hangout spots. Some of mine are the forrest preserve, beach, top of this abandoned bridge by my school, this one place that's a bridge for the metra train so when it passes by you're right underneath it..pretty cool when you're smokin a blunt just chillin as it passes by lol :smoke:
  2. Dude i live in San Francisco theres smoke spots everywhere...some of my favorites are super deep in Golden Gate park

    theres this one spot thats DEEP inside this big bamboo forrest thingy... its like a random crop circle perfect for smoking. The best part is that once ur in NO ONE can see u, not that it matters cuz its SF but yea...
  3. I'm from Pittsburgh and I think the best place for smoking in the burgh would be alley ways. There everywhere almost always empty and lots of cover
  4. I'm from a small town, and me and my friends smoke in the cemetery in town. lol Kind of creepy at night, but no cops or random people go there at anytime during the day or night. :smoke:
  5. i'm from seattle

    alki beach is a sweet spot

    this is the view

  6. My backyard on my deck under my awning. In the winter I enclose it and hotbox like a motherfucker!
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    Damnnn bro that looks fuckin sick!
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    Snakes are attracted to bamboo forests...
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    Birds are attracted to snakes...
  10. Fort Reno in dc, the highest point in dc, no cops, great view. It feels like home.

  11. It really is quite a view. The puget sound is very physically diverse....that picture I posted is from alki point, if you look the opposite direction there is a giant bay and the Olympic mountains in the background. I'll grab a pic


    There is a nice collective literally 500 feet away from the sand of that beach too :smoking:
  12. My favortie smoke spot is sitting in front of my flat screen

    I don't smoke too much in public anymore, I smoke before going in public. Too risky and don't need to get caught in the system again
  13. Theres a couple pretty dope smoke spots under the bridge that connects south portland to portland maine.
  14. In and around this area;


    at night, the port's lights blur when I'm stoned and everything just seems so beautiful
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    This old fuckin barn in this wooded area where all these trails are


    Me and my friend went there a few weeks ago and found a small fucking pool table in the barn.


    Seriously??? A pool table???? Who the fuck drags a pool table out into the forest???

    edit: needless to say we enjoyed a game of pool on a very un-level table lol.
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    Haha! Shit, someone else could've been baked and decided they wanted to play some pool. Like cmon, who wouldn't drag a pool table out to a barn in the woods?? ;-D

    But mines definitely down backroads. No cops, drive as slow as you want, and drink and jam too. Then go home stilll doing the same thing and play some Xbox or movie lol
  17. some are cicis where you can eat all the pizza you want for cheap. the forest near my house i call the chill spot, and my room and places near my school
  18. The beach
  19. The woods and on the boat

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