Favorite rillo?

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  1. Personally white owl sweets or a nice soft swisher. What about you??
  2. Dutch Masters every day, but White Owls are nice, have a delicious White Owl grape in my dresser right now.
  3. I've heard good things about them but have never tried. Garcia Vega is also a good choice. I'm rolling up a white owl as we speak lol.
  4. Garcia Vegas are good, they are the good version of Game's. I hate game cigars.
  5. Swishers (sweets, liked blueberry when I tried it but it's impossible to get them in Canada, actually been considering ordering a box from the States but like at least half will go stale by the time they're all smoked if I do that...).

    Also wanna try Dutches but again, fuck Canada.
  6. Had to bump this thread I was gonna make a new one of these but my all time favorite is a blueberry swisher, or a strawberry zig zag wrap
  7. Grape game probably. Only dutches in my area are palma and chocolate, palma is good but i'd love to try a vanilla.

  8. I had a grape game it was terrible, we only have vanilla, sport, grape, and honey dutches around me
  9. I love White Owl Green Sweets. But I just picked up a 3 pack of Garcia y Vega the Green ones.. Can't wait to try them! I've heard great things about them.
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    chocolate dutch or a sweet & aromatic backwood

    white owls suck... they are quite possibly the worst thing i've ever rolled with... why would i want to roll with something thats thinner than paper, tastes like ass, burns unevenly and burns faster than a joint half it's size even if you pearl the fuck out of it, i'd rather get a 2 for 1 pack of black n milds
  11. GARCIA Y VEGA> seriously though they burn forever.

    If those aren't available I like the Black or White Grape Swisher.

  12. U and I think just alike when it comes to white owls thank u I thought I was alone
  13. Swisher sweets and vanilla dutches

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