Favorite Part of Getting High

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  1. Hey everyone, just wondering whats your favorite part about getting high. Mine is for the memories and all the funny shit that is said/done
  2. the part when im high.
  3. Towards the end, and i'm chilled to fuuuuck.
  4. That part in the beginning
    The middle part
    And the end is pretty cool.
  5. i dont really like the end because its a letdown lol
  6. What I can do with my high. It's infinite.
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    Yeah and it brings people together
  8. when i save the world with a few spiderwebz and karate kicks
  9. Like you said the memories and shit that come with it, but the best is when you have an intense body high. I fucking love body high's bro its all I seem to get anymore, haven't had a head high in a while.
  10. All of it. Enhancement of the experience of music is alot of it.

  11. body highs trip me out man lol. whenever i get one i cant motivate myself to even get up

  12. That's the best part man. Whenever I get a good body high going if I get up and move around it goes away, if I'm just chillin on my couch watching some tv and shit it feels like I'm floating on a cloud. :smoke:
  13. i got couch locked last night and i fucked myself outta smoking more weed. it made me tired as hell too
  14. If it wasn't for weed I'd be nocturnal, I went on a 11 day T-break not too long ago and man let me tell you those were some of the worst 11 nights I've had. I couldn't go to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I even took fucking sleeping pills and I was still up, man those things are crazy though, if you take sleeping pills and manage to still be awake you get mild hallucinations.
  15. there are a lot of good parts but my favorite would have to be the part when i get naked and jump into my pool. then i just close my eyes and let my body relax completely. but i have to be butt ass naked

    younknow what they say: whats the point of having your own pool if you cant swim naked
  16. Everything about weed is my favorite thing.I love that feeling after you get some dank ass weed you cant wait to fuckin smoke,but wanna just stare at and smell for a while.I get high and am still just admiring my buds beautiness.Haha no homo.I love the feeling of it when im breaking it down/picking it apart,and also the part where you catch it on fire and inhale,hold in,then exhale.
    Then the part where everythings enjoyable.Happily stoned right now, :)
  17. I love the moment when I realize I'm actually high. :smoke:
  18. My favorite part of getting high is the smoking session. Relaxing with some people, or yourself, and just chatting or fuckin relaxing. Smoking a blunt outside on a perfect day is top notch for me.
  19. it makes me feeel sooo high!

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