Favorite office character

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  1. Mine would have to be Stanley. He is sooo funny. I also love Pam and her attitude
  2. All of them dude. They all compliment each other differently, its a complete chemistry.

    If i HAD to choose...its a tie between Dwight, Jim, and Darryl.
  3. dwight or michael, will farrel is also funny but i think michael was a with the role of boss

  4. farrel is alright... michael was soo much funnier. but i thought the commericals said that they were interviewing new bosses? so he may not be there long.
  5. idk but i think its deff gona be a diff show w/o michael imo he was the office
  6. Jim! I love his facial expressions and how he fucks with Dwight :)
  7. Kevin and Creed, everything they say is always funny haha

  8. hahah who was the one that made the cookie monster kevin!! lmfao that was sooo fucking funny
  9. dwight

    all awesome characters. the female characters are all likable, i just don't find any of them funny. is it strange that i've never, ever found a female to be funny? i don't mean it in a sexist way, i just don't find women funny.
  10. Michael and Creed. The office is going to go downhill FAST without Michael Scott.
  11. THISSSS I can't believe they took Steve Carrel off the office and Charlie Sheen off two and a half men:( like WTF? both shows will never be the same again especially two and a half men I can't beleive they're gonna have Ashton Kutcher on the show now (not that I hate him just doesn't seems like he belongs there)
    I personally like all the characters but Dwight hails from my hometown so I gotta give it up to him lol
  12. I thought Steve Carell's contract only had him signed on for seven seasons, and it was his choice to not extend so he could focus on other things? As far as I know they didn't axe his character or anything.
    I know he plays the lead role and all, but it would be unfair for everyone else to be out of a job cause his character is gone. I thought the last episode was pretty funny haha, not sure if season 8 is going to work out too well though.
  13. anytime Creed is given any attention it's always got me laughing. Just the creepy guy who no one really ever notices
  14. Dwight, Andy, and of course, the great Michael Scott!!!!
  15. I'd say it's a tie between Creed and Ryan.

    I found Kelly to be the only female character who was legitimately funny with all the other male characters.

  16. ryan is a stud
  17. My favourite office character are list of given below:

    1) Jim Halpert.
    2) Creed Bratton.
    3) Kelly Kapoor.
    4) Pam Beasly.
    5) Angela Martin.
  18. Creed, I hate when they don't feature him enough, but I guess that keeps him funny

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMquhJznwVk]YouTube - ‪The Office - Classic Creed‬‏[/ame]
  19. mother fucking dwight all day!!:smoke:
  20. Without a doubt my favorite character is Creed. His life seems so much more fun than some rich old guy's who golfs and has business meetings. He has a subtle brilliance that has managed to keep him at the company without ever doing work.

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