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Favorite movies

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xer087, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. what are your guys favorite movies while under the infuence of THC. i wanna hear some origional ones. im looking for some new movies t watch. i personally like to watch fear and loathing in las vegas whwn im high
  2. apart from the basics (kevin smith movies, cheech and chong etc.) i LOVE anime while i'm baked. Especially Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Vampire Hunter D, or just any of the other cracked out ones, they actually seem to make sense after a few bong hits.
  3. i like watching the old batman shows from the 60's. many nights ive stayed up til two in the morning to record it because im a piece of shit with nothing better to do. i have like 3 tapes of it. the episodes with the joker are the best. and batgirl was fine as hell.
  4. i heard a lot of good things about requim for a dream. i thought it was alright but it was depressing as hell
  5. If you have the patience, check out & bake out to 7 Samurai. 3.5 hours b&w, japanese w/subtitles, but FANTASTIC! If you're into great sci fi, try Blade Runner. For a brain twister, see Brazil. For eye candy & action rush, Blue Crush is one of my favs.
  6. I forgot to mention Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back! Funny as S*it, expecially baked!
  7. Easy rider, memento, donnie darko, big lebowski... you can just search the older threads there are millions of them.
  8. requiem for a dream, donnie darko, clerks, waking life, friday, rounders, dogma. who know man. i love movies.
  9. The Animatrix is AMAZING!!!

    youll just start thinking alot. and thinking alot when your stoned is good. (aslong as its deep wierdo type thinking, not how should i pay the bills type thinking)
  10. 1.old school
    2. dazed and confused
    3.matrix reloaded (couldnt stop laughing during the fight scenes)
    4.blow times at ridgemount high
    6. fear and loathing in las vegas
  11. ^^hehe^^ that one AND Spaceballs!!!

    A good TV show to watch is South Park.

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