Favorite Member At The City

Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. whos yours????

    im gonna tally up the nominees then do a poll to se who the GOAT of the city is
  2. I'll have to get back to you on that one. How could I possibly choose between all the wonderful people on here? Everyone possesses qualities I like: intelligence, humor, wisdom, compassion, and companionship. To choose would be illegal for me!!!!!!!
  3. Me, Me! That must be me :)


    i have a large posting number!! woo hoo...i make people laff.:D

  5. aight so far we have namron, and sj

    these are jus nominees not final decisions ;)

    come on people no one else you like here???

    im gonna nominate phunky phil, im really diggin the new avatar man
  6. oh pick me pick me!! i never win anything and i have goats, a whole bunch of goats!!! but i vote for phunkyphil too...mmm hes sooo hot... mmmm phunkyphil
  7. Nubby's my favorite. Truthfully, if he looks anything like his avvy, I'd do him. :D
  8. NUBBIN!!!

  9. SJ you are at the top of the list!

    I will say 95% of all the members are my favorite!!

    Shit I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i nominate canadianchick.......cuz she has goats!!!!!!!.........THEREFORE.............GOAT!!

  11. amen to that, bruthuh

  12. Do you know what the best thing about goats are, besides the fact that they will eat almost anything they can get??????

    The male goats, Billygoats, love to drink the urine of other goats. The first time I saw a big old billy run upo behind a nanny and get a mouthful of piss and then swirl and gargle it before he swallowed it down, I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing.

    As far as favorite members go..... I really like everyone here and don't have any favorite. But I love 420girlie's attitude!;)

    She gets my nomination by default. That and because I have this cheerleader fetish thing going.

  13. I won't say anything about this BPP...

    Favorite member? I don't have one...
  14. yeah.....420girlie.....the city pirate...yeah..uh huh, i remember...and them damn flowered panties..or whatever the hell you was talkin about.
  15. aight im gonna keep gettin nominations until monday when i post THE POLL!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. *surprised no one has nominated sensimil yet*
  17. why nominate her?.....she just runs through fields naked, backwards, and wants to cuddle and stuff..naked......


    on second..better thinking....for the above mentioned reasons...i nominate sensi :D:D oochie wally wally.
  18. I'm with Switch!!!!

    I don't have a favorite member, either.

    ...and I wouldn't tell if I did!

  19. Awww shucks, I love you too ;)

    Wait a minute, by default?!?! Oh well, you know me I love all the attention I can get.

    p.s. your a big fat jerk.

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