Favorite Linux distro.

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  1. I don't know if this has already been done (probably has), but I'm doing it anyways. I'll start. Arch Linux.
  2. Ubuntu is probably my favorite. It's just so easy to navigate and use.

    Others I've used:
  3. Well i only have one flavour of linux running at the mo and that's Kubuntu on my netbook, seems good so far:)
  4. Linux mint !
  5. Ubuntu has the best community and it is the most widely used which allows the OS to work out the bugs more quickly. It is also the easiest to use :)
  6. Arch linux ftw
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    I also installed android froyo on my comp, thats linux based
  8. My favorite is Arch, unless I'm managing a web server then Debian.

    If the question was expanded to Unix-like OS's I'd say OpenBSD though (for the web server comment, I didn't like using it as a desktop OS)
  9. Ubuntu, easy(er) to use, lots of guides, and I like the way it looks.
  10. minttttttttt
  11. I prefer the new ubuntu 11.04
  12. Ubuntu

    my first and my favorite distro
  13. I have only ever used Ubuntu, right now I have 10.04
  14. ubuntu because of its ease to use.
  15. Scrap my previous post as i couldn't get WiFi to work... now installed Bodhi Linux and seems good so far :) Would recommend for a netbook/laptop
  16. Backtrack 4................Its Great On My Laptops And On My Desk Tops. It Is Not Super Easy To Use Though So Not Good For Nix N00bies. :-}

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