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Favorite/Least favorite wrap/cigarillo thread!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Skateboard375, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. What's up guys so I got an eighth of some middies for 30 the other day, and some zig zag mango cigarillos and rolled a blunt and smoked it. Now, I could really notice the tobacco compared to other blunts that I have smoked with different Wraps. I thought it was the weed, so i smoked a joint, and did not have the problem.

    Pretty much the point of this thread is to tell you unless you smoke tobacco and cannabis, don't use these wraps. They make you have that cough feeling. No other wraps i have used have given me it.

    Also, favorite wrap or cigarillo thread?Post your favorite, how much they typically cost, and least favorite. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. favorite papers: elements>raw>1.25job all less than $2
    blunts:silver whiteowl, or a green leaf game/Garcia vegas .84cent last time i got a game

    overall: glass piece lol
  3. I only smoke Chocolate Cigarillos( Dutch Master)
    $6/5pack box $2/single ( I live in Boston, our mayor hates smokers)
    I hate grape/strawberry dutches
  4. every time I pick up phillys theyre dry af...
  5. Fav papers: organic RAWs

    Least fav papers: juicy jays

    Fav blunt: regular swisher

    Least fav: mango blunt wraps :l
  6. The zig zag cigarillos r my favorite!
  7. White owl black.

    Nice slow burn, and a good taste.
    Usually a dollar for a two pack.
  8. I hate when people gut cigars opposed to just buying a blunt wrap.

    Most of the time they are dry and end up unrolling mid blunt.
  9. Blunt wraps are to flimsy for me to roll with

  10. Use a lighter to dry it out a bit
  11. strawberry zigzag cigarillos. Damn must have used up 10 cases this summer between my friends and I. 2 for 2.01 at your local BP.
  12. Love Game rellos. Easy to roll

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