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  1. im a drummer myself... and i just wanna know... whos ur favorite drummer... for any band. danny carey has gotta be mine....for tool.... peace
  2. Who is my favourite? I don't know, it's really really hard to say because I have so many that I am extremly found of.

    Although I think Neal Pert from Rush is the best drummer of all time, he isn't my favourite though.. I don't even like that band really
  3. John Bonham (spelling?)
  4. keith moon- the who
    nick mason- pink floyd
    jon bonham- led zeppelin
    niel pert- rush
    dave grohl- nirvana

    i myslef am also a drummer
  5. Mickey Hart- Grateful Dead
    jon bonham- led zeppelin
    dave grohl- nirvana
    mike portnoy- dream theatre (although DT sucks)
  7. The drummer for DMB is sick he has so many pieces ot his drum set
  8. lol thats almost exactly how i feel
  9. Derek Grant - Alkaline Trio

    John Theodore - The Mars Volta
  10. Haha I read the title for this thread and instantly thought of Danny Carey, he's one awesome drummer.
  11. travis barker


    hahah, it gotta be neil pert, guy is a machine! his kit is 360 degrees, and he uses all of it!

    i really like tommy lee, but i wouldnt say hes the best..
  12. Travis Barker is amazing...and hot...drummers are hot.

  13. alright, i'm not even a drummer and I can play the drums for nearly all nirvana songs just by listening to the shit, I wouldn't consider Dave Growl a "great" drummer by any means.

    Nirvana was a band that got WAY too much credit for being just a semi-decent band
  14. My favorite have to be John Bonham and Mitch Mitchell

  15. beat me to it man, all nirvana songs are extremely easy to play. dave grohl is not anywhere near a great drummer. and i couldn't agree more with you on the nirvana being overrated for their skill level.

    the only thing that the nirvana songs show is that he can keep a beat.

    but best drummer imo, neil pert or john bonham.
  16. Nirvana fucking sucked. Same goes for Dave Grohl... with drumming and just about everything else. The Foo Fighters make me want to jam screwrdrivers in my ears.
  17. ?uestlove from The Roots, hands down. Yeah, not extremely technical, but I love when the rhythmn is spot on.

    Also, the drummer from Engine Down, that guy was intense with his Morracas while playing.
  18. who cares if the music is easy to play, nirvana was an insane band...cobain was a musical genius...

    i think you guys are focusing on the wrong things
  19. beat me to it man. Plus it's not just about the beats that Grohl can play, most of his drumming ability was in the energy he feeds off, he was a very intense drummer, sure some of the beats were a bit simplistic but he fucking went for it and just generally gave off a real energy with his playing, anyways some of his drumming with QOTSA was insane.

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