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favorite drink while smoking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Talon, May 26, 2006.

  1. whats everyones favorite drink while they're toking? what about alcohol drink?

    personally mine is either cola or red bull, it really tastes good when smoking and makes the smoke more enjoyable for me.
  2. My favorite drink while stoned is full throttle fury.
  3. def. budweiser... we call them bud diesels here..once you drink one you cant stop
  4. either Barq's rootbeer or DR. Pepper, those drinks are both bomb while and after smoking.

    weird, but i also love milk. i could drink half a gallon, depending on how the cotton mouth is
  5. water or beer...both ice cold :)
  6. arizona raspberry ice tea in the big can.

    they had a sale at the CVS, .50 per can. and the cans are enormous.

    i bought 12 and will be going back to stock up on more.
  7. ill drink pretty much anything haha

    but if i had to pick i would pick some type of soda while smoking

    then afterwards a budweiser or bud light.....or any beer for that matter
  8. i'll have to go with root beer. never liked it for hte longest time then one day BAM! oh yeah and cream soda in the bottle is probably the best shit while high. its like liquid ice cream.
  9. budweiser or a mountain dew
  10. I would have to say that pretty much anything is good. But my favorite is this brand of organic apple juice, but it has to be ice cold. It is just the shit after a bowl.
  11. At work or anywhere, I love to get stoned and have a Diet mtn dew or Diet rock star handy (yeah, diet.)

    As for alcohol, I like to drink OE whether I'm stoned or sober. Or drunk already.
  12. coconut rum. try it.
  13. will do. just that ill have to send a friend in the liquor store to get it since im not 21.
  14. I don't understand how your favorite drink can be alcohol. That means to please yourself you would have to get drunk every time you smoked.

    Anyways, my favorite drink would be either Pepsi, No Fear Gold, Von Dutch or Rockstar.
  15. normally just water or the best juice we have in the house. i have tea in the morning most of the time and without failiure if im wake and baking.

    though for treats i like a big bottle of san miguel (lasts for hours) or my ultimate favourite baileys and hot choclate. easily one the best things ive ever tasted.
  16. I like to make smoothies when I'm baked, usually strawberry or orange. Not only does it cure your cotton mouth but it's damn tasty.
  17. diesel (aka. budwieiser)
  18. Definetly hot tea or coffee, but if i m in a rush, just like emagdnim13 i go for the 99c arizona's. Lemon or peach for me.
  19. I like Ice cold water after a fresh blunt/bowl as for beer im addicted to the Milwaukees Best Ice three of those and your done im on my fourth right now two more and im spinnin weeeeeeeee:)
  20. Mucho Mango Melon Juice by Arizona Ice Tea. Huge can for just a buck!

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