Favorite dodge make/model

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  1. My favorite is a 1970 Dodge Challenger or a 1st generation cummins turbo diesel

  2. 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T here :smoke: Or really any of the RAM pick ups

    Currently driving a Grand Caravan ;)
  3. Any year challenger is good in my book. I hope to get one someday. I am more than satisfied with my ram for now though
  4. 2010 ram. Although I do have to say I don't like how they made the grill smaller the last couple years. It was more intimidating before :D
  5. Its "more" aerodynamic supposedly
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    Haha I know what ya mean...I drive a big old orange dually with stacks, its gotta look so scary in the rearview
  7. dodge vipers are frikkin sweet cars imo.

    You can target a nice used one at 25k.

    get some
  8. 2011 Dodge Charger
  9. i like vipers.....heres the dodge im currently driving...2010 dodge challenger
    got the dodge race stripes in real paint from my gf's brother for free!!!

  10. The factory race ready hemi dart.

    Acid dipped body panels
    fiberglass hood & windows
    swiss cheesed frame
    and lots of other stuff.

    Don't forget the 426 hemi that produced over 600 hp. .
  11. dodge ram srt-10. only problem with them is that they're only available in 2wd and nobody makes a front and rear diff that can handle the 8.0L v10
  12. 97 2500 ex cab with the 12v CUMMINS!!!
  13. LOL, ever heard of a company called Rockwell??

    They make a front diff that can handle the power of five 8.0 v 10s!
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    yea, i have and i don't trust them anymore. friend of mine tried converting his srt-10 into 4wd and used the diff's rockwell suggested for him and the front diff tore itself up on the highway

    edit: i know somebody is going to ask why he had it in 4wd on the highway... it was during a snow storm.
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    They made a 2500 v10 4x4 in late 90s maybe a built swap from that to the srt but then again its meant to be a sports truck not a 4x4
  16. My favorite: Charger, especially my '07 Bluesmobile....er, Charger w/the copcar package.
  17. Favorite would prob be 2012 charger 6.4L SRT

    i got an 06 charger

  18. yea i saw that and i was meaning to look into that but idk what happened and i got sidetracked lmao.

    yea it's a sports truck but can you imagine how much fun it would be to have a 4x4 v10 out in the middle of a muddy field with a full tank of gas lol
  19. We got a 4x4 F250 with the triton v-10, its pretty fun in the field :p. My dream is to get a cummins in it. Personally though I don't understand why people would want a gas considering Diesel's get WAY better mpg and have WAY more power when you do the right things to them.

    Edit- gas truck that is.

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