Favorite card game?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mstrmatthew, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. i love playing tunk while having a good night smoking and drinking. it gets intense. lmao
  2. aw tunk. haven't played that in a while. I'd usually play some blackjack or poker with my homies.
  3. Slaps, Rummy, & 21 of course... still don't get the whole Poker thing, other then wearing shades can help with your po, po, po, po, poker face... :cool:
  4. Blackjack.
  5. I like some good ol' fashon texes hold em

    Get like 8 people which I feel is just perfect. Smoke some buds and get drunk.

    Now that is the american dream.
  6. 8's and holdem.

    I have a mint 1st edition Charizard somewhere so I win, or lose, depending how you look at it. Back in the day I was a pimp.
  7. 1st edition charizard mint is worth over 150$ on ebay.
  8. Yeah, texas hold'em has gotta be one of the favourites.
    Otherwise, Presidents and Assholes.. or Assholes.. or Peasants.. whatever the fuck people call it these days.
    Cheat, or Bullshit, is a pretty sweet game.
    Rummy is cool.
    And that other one, what the fucks it called, with four players in two teams, and hearts is the best suit? Shit requires actual thinking, which is pretty cool.
    but the ultimate?


    no fucking doubt.

    Anyway what's tunk?

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