Favorite Cannabis Growing Forums?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lofetospoon9, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hi all! Lofe here. Im a relatively new grower, about 6 harvests under my belt so far. Its been about 2 years in the making and just about everything ive learned came from a number a forums including grasscity, thctalk, icm, growery, rollitup, and others. They have become invaluable tools. So what id like to ask the growers of GC, is where does your cannabis education originate? And if it was through internet forums, what are your favorite forums today?
  2. I'm only on GC but I do like ic mag for info now and then. No experience with growery or thc talk though.

    I don't like rollitup. Seems like it's mostly kids and fngs but I've never looked too deep into it
  3. Here is good, i hate to say it but Rollitup is better. Lots more growing stuff and less moderation, where this is more social and some growing.
    The growing sections are defiantly more active on RIU.
    Id say the opposite of the above and say this is a younger age group over Rollitup. (i dont know what a FNG is..maybe cause im old..?...)
  4. Lol f**kin new guy. Fng
  5. a
  6. I started out on Rollitup, as much as I loved that site, it has changed from what it used to be. Now GC is much more active and has more knowledgeable growers.. which is why I'm mostly here and not there ;)
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  7. Came from RIU and 420mag. Gc is my home though.

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  8. I started on overgrow and icm. They were pretty much the only 2 public forums then. I learned a ton from both sites before there was security concerns and I stopped going to either, but that was like 15 years ago. Now I use riu, gc, anf and sometimes icm. I took a long break from forums and ended up coming back to explore organic recipes.

    Even now it doesn't seem like there is as much activity as their used to be on OG back when it was risky to grow everywhere.

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