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Favorite candy bar

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. I have looked back in the forums and didn't find this type of question.....So I thought I would make a thread about it..

    So what is it??

    Mine would have to be a butterfinger or payday!

  2. Man, I like skors. Anyway, mine would probably have to be milky way or a snickers.
  3. Every stoner should know and love the sweet sweet candy bar that is Carmello!

    I mean its so good and really good :)!
  4. I've tried carmello... it's a good one..

    I don't care alot for chocolate...That 72% cocoa would be too rich for my blood!
  5. butterfingers goooood, but lately ive been eating charleston chews...if those are considered candy bars
  6. id have to say the 420 candy bars they sell at the medical clubs out here are my fav :) . As for regular candy bars i like id have to with twix.
  7. most likely big hunk

    or violet crunch (its honey comb covered in chocolate)
  8. are reeces peanut butter cups considered a candy bar? if they are then thats mine, or butterfinger.
  9. you all are wrong. there is an answer to this question, and I know it.
    *sound the important announcing horns*
    it is, The Peanut Chew!

    there is no questioning this. this is a fact. and so be it. period. there is no need for further discussion. we may close this thread now..
  10. Snickers is great. Man I haven't had a candybar in a coupla years now that I think about it. Those icecream Snickers bars are AWESOME. Twix is great also. A well rolled joint, a kingsized Twix, and a good rented ps2 game = heaven for me. Well, throw in some vicodin, then it = heaven.
  11. Toblerone and Reese's Big Cup
  12. i like the snickers cruncher is good twix rocks ,5avn,m&m's
    if they count
  13. i dont eat cats.. hehehe... but i like whatchamacallates.... i think thats how oyu spell it.. or something like that... but there really good!
  14. This thread is enough to make anyone hungry. Damn obliviot you know your chocolate. And violet crunches are good. But my personal favorite is either Milky Way Midnight, or Pay Day.
  15. ZERO BARS!! OMG, best candy bar ever made. And even though not a candy bar, but Pop-Rocks are the shit!
  16. I remember the marathon bars as well!

    reeses and m&ms are good choices as well.. I love a reeses after lunch...
  17. we dont get all that junk food in France.


    (my favourate would be twix)
  18. So many good answers...I love lindt chocolate, aero bars are great, but hard to get in the states. I used to be addicted to resses peanut butter cups, then M&Ms then butterfingers and now nutrageouses are my favorite. Oh, and I forgot almond joys.
  19. Cookies N Cream candy bar drives meh crazy!!!!!

    I'm eating one at this exact moment...
  20. does laffy taffy count? oh well, i don't care....i love the 25 cent laffy taffy sticks, especially apple flavored! hey, this thread is no's making me hungry, or is that something else that's making me hungry?...............

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