Favorite Bud related lyric.

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  1. So whats your favorite bud related lyric, I know there are a lot by Cypress Hill and GD but I'm going with one more obscure but awesome, by the Charlie Daniels band

    People say I'm no good
    I'm crazy as a loon
    'cause I get stoned in the morning,
    I get drunk in the afternoon.
    Kinda like my old blue tick hound
    I like to lay around in the shade.
    And I ain't got no money
    but I damn sure got it made.
    'Cause I ain't askin' nobody for nothin'
    if I can't get it on my own.
    If you don't like the way I'm livin'
    You just leave this long haired country boy alone.

    Its pretty redneck but sums up my lifestyle (except I live in a city)
  2. The only drug-related rap I'll listen to.

    Andre Nickatina - Jungle (feat Equipto)

    Yeah, in anything I do I put my everything
    Always feeling deep inside just like Mary J.
    Ha, I'm never panicing, I'm bored stiff as a mannequin
    Grew up fast just like Anikin
    Baby its gullible, its Alice in Wonderland
    All the excuses in the world I can't understand
    Cuz I'm a man of these times, the man to get high
    Blow big, but my gross is family time
    Ain't no way to intervene in my industry
    Moving quicker then a centipede on enemies
    One of a kind, once in a lifetime rhymes is written
    It goes on, as long as time commences
  3. andre is so scandalus you might see nicky in his ride rollin up some cannabis

    Im Rollin Up A Sweet
    Im Fillin It With Keef
    Im Too High To Talk Bitch Keep It Real Brief
    If It Aint About Money You Dont Even Gotta Speak
    I Smoke It In A Paper, Weezy Smoke It In A Leaf
  4. Im livin like a baller yo, getting money and blowin hella chronic smoke.
  5. Yeah They Call Me Lil Wyte Im Back Out On The Grind Im Drinkin Everyday Im Smokein On Some pine.

    I Aint Gon Nowhere I Ben Chillin In The Same Cut Smokein On The Same Blunt Feelin On Tha Same Butts Still F**k Wit Tha Six Still Roll Wit Some Killers Still Hang Wit A Big Click An Kick It Wit Drug Dealers


    Lil wyte Talkin Aint Walkin
  6. Excuse me while I light my spliff
    Oh GOD I gotta take a lift
    From reality I just can't drift
    That's why I am staying with this riff
  7. Cunninlynguists-

    Yeah, spread them legs jane, I need a head change
    Coochie hairs flame colored, sweet lil red thangs
    She riddles every area of my brain with deep tickles
    Mary, married her, carries my pain? nope
    An angel came to me one night chillin
    Said "I won't change you, just tame who's within that Villian"
    I said "cool, lets lay up with the stars for a minute"
    Next I know we break up roaches from cigars
    We done finished
    Jane doing things that made me search my soul
    I's a young one, she's an old freak that cuts slow
    Leave her? Right now you got a hellafied no
    I guess I needs her, that double edged ledge cuts throats
    I love the please-her, or pleasure, whatever call it liesure
    You call her a crutch, y'all hush, I call her 'Retha
    Undressin her, loving the resin upon fingertips
    Its over when I roll me a Fat Lady
    Now sing it bitch
  8. i got fat bags of skunk, I've got white owl blunts, and I'm about to go get lifted - Method Man
  9. "... Still puffin' my leaf, still fuck with the beats... Still not lovin' police, still rock my khakis with a crease, still got love for the streets, reppin' 2-1-3s..." Dr. Dre, "Still D.R.E."

    That's my fucking shit. I'm white, but every word is applicable. Well, I mean, I'm reppin' 2-1-5s, not 2-1-3s, but it's all the same.
  10. pretty long but mystic roots
    Puff the magic Buddha here I come once again
    Takin' hit number ten and representin' West Marin
    I be fillin' my mind with knowledge as my lungs are filled with smoke
    Cough, chokin' on the potent smoke inside my throat
    From Chico, California to my home in the Bay, say
    We like to smoke out every day!
    I be Northern Lights smokin' hit the joint until I'm chokin',
    My eyes are turnin' red and I can barely keep 'em open
    The Mystic Roots be knowin' that the way of the walk is stoned
    Ask Seba, Irie, Johnny Kind or Shayne'll say: "It's on"
    I got the thin mustache, I need another hit a hash
    Cause I smoked all my grass just got a pipe all full a ash
    I'm stankin' from the dank and I can only want some more
    They call me Coot from Mystic Roots just like I told ya before
    Give me the green bud, cause 215 legalized
    I be the ganga connoisseur I likes it crazy crystallized so
    Pass the marijuana my way, and some papers so that I can roll a Jay
  11. my friend was freestyling once and we just picked up a sack of sour diesel and we were tryin to find a blunt so he said

    "find me a blunt and ill roll this sour
    give me a virgin and ill take her flower"
  12. Krayzie bone - Sweet jane

    breathin reefa, breathin reefa,
    in my lungs, in my lungs,
    roll the marijuana
    or we can stuff the ganja
    in my bong, in my bong
  13. ro roll up a blunt
    li light up tha green
    eyes red as fire im on promethazine
    ro roll up another one dipped in tha sizzurp
    sa save it for later man cause it will hizzurt
    sa soon as the thunda
    enters my lungs-ah
    i start feelin hungry
    wheres that balonie
    crackas and cheese
    zoo zoos and whams
    icy white honey bun
    OOO there i am
    gone light another one
    constantly smokin
    rollin bout 4 or 5 drankin and chokin
    start smokin weed real young with my peers
    so full of dope smoke comin out my ears

    project pat ft. lord infamous -smokin out
    download...its one of the best smokin songs ever
  14. I was down in California smokin' on some chronic
    Man this shit is killa, had me spendin' all my money
    I wanted to get in the playboy mansion, probably meet a bunny
    And get some fire ass dro 'n release some semen in her stomach
    We smoked up all the green all weekend, til' today is sunday
    It had me dancin' 'round the room just like my ***** Crunchy
    -three 6 mafia
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZrwbxwpUqY
    lil wyte get high...

    Ill take a mothafuckin pound to the head
    Ima stoner, call me the ganja hero
    Laugh at what you wanna laugh at man
    Crash where ever you wanna crash at man
    After you hit this blunt, take a puff of this silvia
    It'll put cha in the trashcan
    I smoke almost everything I can inhale
    like Sticky said, he's got Forbidden Fruit
    I said break it down, roll it up, lite it up
    Ill be the judge of this Jesus Juice
  16. The Mooney Suzuki - Good Ol' Alcohol
    It's a song about drinking but there are a ton of weed references like this ramblin' line:

    But i've seen it, smelt it, ate it, tasted it, lit it, hit it, chased it, wasted it, puff it, huffed it, dosed and toasted it, rolled it, sold it, and tin-foil bowled it. I've smoked, poked, copped, popped, mixed, fixed, chopped, dropped, licked, kicked, toked, choked, tweaked and peaked, and woke and boke. I've scored it and horded it, i've snorted and sorted it, i've slipped it, lifted it, sipped it and roach clipped it. I've cleaned it and fiended it, i've laced it and tasted it, i've dipped it and chewed it, zig zag and bambooed it. I've cold turkey, i've restarted, ive discarded it and i've Bogarted it. I've taken it, i've shakin' it, i've stirred it and slurred it all...

    check out a live version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6cHB4nTCxo
  17. Wat happened On my bus stays on my bus
    And that white widdow Weed out the jar is a must
    If u gimme a cigar than A cigar ill bust
    Put that white widdow weed in the Cigar and puff
  18. cus i been drinkin since 2 started smokin round noon
  19. I took a swig, I had a jug, chug-a-log, I'm loud and clear
    I had some bud, I lit it up, and then I made it disappear
  20. Everything thats green ain't the bomb bitch, I got brown shit that will make you lose your calm bitch. REDMAN

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