favorite bud lines?

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  1. Load up the bong! crank up the song! let the informer call 911! :bongin:
  2. Quas, when he really hit scar mode
    Never will he boost loose Phillies with the barcode
    Or take a whole carload on a wasted trip
    Or slit White Owl laced tip from tip with yip
    Some rather baggies others like they cracks and browns
    Catch a tag, roll a bag of swag in a Black'n'Mild
    See twist Optimo, just the raw leaf part
    The list top gold, bust before beef start
    At the Stop'n'Go Mart, actin like a spirit host done it
    {"America's most blunted!"} Yeah, yo
    Doom nominated for the best rolled L's
    And they wondered how he dealt with stress so well
    Wild guess? You could say he stay sedated
    Some say buddha'd, some say faded
    Someday pray that he will grow a foreign barn full
    Recent research show it's not so darn harmful (true)
    Sometimes you might need to detox
    It can help you with your rhyme flow and your beatbox
    Off spite to your surprise
    Turn a Newport Light to a joint right before your eyes
    Tear a page out the good book, hear it how you want it
    {"America's most blunted!"}
  3. tyvm for tha 3 threads. =)

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