Favorite Blunt Wrap?

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  1. the only blunts ive tried have been swisher sweets and there alright im really interested in trying some dutch master chocolate cigarillos

  2. any white owls, swishers blow there's a reason why nobody stocks them anymore 
    Swisher sweets are the way to go, grape.
    Strawberry-kiwi wraps are the bomb too!
    Clouds :bongin:
  4. white cat has some pretty good selections. my all time fave is a chocolate phillie.
  5. I rolled my first blunt the other night from a juicy jay strawberry fields blunt wrap, it was my first time rolling a blunt and so I thought I didn't do good but it held together surprisingly well and here's the best part, this time I didn't get sick from the blunt, when my friend rolled me a swisher blunt, I got hella sick from it, I guess maybe I got used to it my second time idk, but bottom line, juicy jay wraps are my favorite so far
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    That will change pretty quickly haha. You'll find that cigarillos are way better than those kinds of wraps

  7. white owls baby.
  8. Vanilla or chocolate dutch, or regular or strawberry philies for me
  9. Garcia Vegas

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